Spectros – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Come to Mamma

Episode 4 of Spectros begins with Mila and Carla discussing the headaches she’s been experiencing. Pardal asks what happened to her but given the severity of her situation, she now understands why Mila’s Father drinks.

It turns out Pardal’s friend hasn’t actually ratted them out – she provided a distraction by leading the police into the apartment next door. It’s enough time for the trio to escape out the building and go back on the run again. Unfortunately it’s all too much for Mila, who begins sobbing at the thought of leaving her Father to his fate. Together, they decide to save him instead.

Meanwhile, Zenobia and Celso discuss just who is bringing the dead back. It’s here we learn the true antagonist of the series is none other than the fabled Necromancer, a maniac hellbent on raising the dead. As they talk, Zenobia’s hand begins to shrivel, extending to her whole body as she starts to grow old. Celso tries to connect with the feelings he had when Mila was a child; a way to break the spell and save them all.

Meanwhile, the trio stop for a breather at a cafe but quickly find themselves on the run again when police enter to find them. As they hurry out, the gang come face to face with Li and his henchman. After a swift blow to the nose, they evade the duo and hide out in a nightclub.

Inside, they find a strange woman behind the bar who tells them what’s happening in the town. They happen to hold the most powerful artifact in Liberdade but in order to learn more, she recommends they sing song 719 and pay attention to the lyrics. However, she demands payment for her services in the form of personal secrets being divulged from our three plucky protagonists.

It turns out the three of them are on-screen for the video as this plucky pop song begins; the lyrics spelling out exactly what’s happening and ending with a demonic voice telling them to hand over the ashes as the doll is the only thing that can suppress them. The ghouls from the opening episode then re-appear, as our teens scream and leave the room.

Unfortunately they run straight into a shop and this leads the police to arrive and manhandle them, arresting all three and finding nothing inside the doll.

Back at the police station during the present timeline, Leo and Pardal talk after taking a bathroom break together and they discuss him working for Zeca. Unfortunately, their talking reverberates through the vents and gives the two officers more ammo to work with as they hear their voices from the other room.

In the station, the female officer berates Pardal but midway through antagonizing him, ends up with a blinding headache. However, she continues on and tells him his brother will be in juvie for a long time if he doesn’t start talking. The police want to know where the contents of the doll are and if he does that, they’ll let his brother go.

Leo is smarter than he looks though. He pieces together what’s happening and how the ghoul jumped from the smoldering corpse across to our male investigator. That means… the necromancer is in the same room He threatens Leo upon hearing the truth and tells him he’ll beat him down, leading Leo to wet himself and eventually be saved at the last second by the female officer, who rushes in and saves him.

More police rush the scene, blasting the corpse with numerous bullets but he man-handles them all, only to be warded off by the symbol Carla has etched on her hand. With the officers all dead, they grab Zeca and scramble outside as they drive away.

With a nice twist at the end and some dramatic tension finally appearing thanks to the colliding timelines and the Necromancer, Spectros does well to keep things interesting during this episode. The characters are given a little more to work with too, especially Pardal who has some good dialogue with his brother. Beyond that though the show continues to stumble along but hopefully this is a sign of things to come as the series moves into more exciting waters after a pretty bumpy ride up until this point.


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