Speaking With Ghosts – At Its End | Album Review

Track List

King’s Cross
Black Lotus
New Horizons
Waste Away
Stay Forever
Better Days


Channeling aggression takes immense energy and confidence. Bursting from the cocoon, that place where you feel safe, takes even more drive and when you do break through you must adapt to the surroundings.

Tackling a life that is full of lows, where the clock ticks by and you’re looking at the void, waiting to fall in, must be frightening. These days, hope has become a rarity and life has become more of a challenge.

In the midst of this, there’s a band which knows life and its upheavals. That band is Speaking With Ghosts and their hearts are burning for a release, a chance to beat calmly.

Their album, At Its End, blooms in its rough embrace and the growls and screams are relevant sounds, breaking glass and the over-skin to redemption. The record is fast and volatile as well as rough around the edges, but it resonates so much that you may feel indebted to it. Every guitar pulsates while every lyric tells us stories of unequalled pain and the fable doesn’t falter to clichés as it’s fresh and daring.

‘Void’ starts the record loudly. The guitars pulsate and the expressive vocals increase the volatility. The musicianship is stellar, and the chorus bursts with intensity. ‘New Horizons’ pretty much goes along the same lines, reaping rewards from the unparalleled guitar strokes and the vivid lyricism. ‘Stay Forever’ matches well with what has come before. The skin-tingling intro breaks into a guitar frenzy and this song is purely instrumental but excellent all the same.

Speaking With Ghosts burst through their comfort zones and express their dark feelings with their record At Its End. It’s a compelling story too.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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