Spanish Love Songs – No Joy | Album Review

Track Listing

Clean-Up Crew
Middle Of Nine 
I’m Gonna Miss Everything 
Rapture Chaser 
Here You Are 
Exit Bags
Re-Emerging Signs Of The Apocalypse  


This is a revealing album by a band that doesn’t hesitate or grip on past success. Poetic and vivid, No Joy by Spanish Love Songs entices the emotions on such a level that tears may show, hearts may break, and the fundamentals of life may be assessed.

The band has a knack for drawing out poignant moments, piecing together snapshots of the past, the clash of family values, and the pessimistic days when love had no viability.

Musically, there are no strained instrumentals, but melodies that come in softly with no crashing moments. The band is fully equipped with their own original style too, shaping boundless musical dreams even when the darkness shrouds every beat and promise.

It’s a grandiose record, and yet again the band put their all into what they have tirelessly worked on. The lyrics are story-driven, crafted by artists who know they’re hurting inside.

There are 12 songs on this record. ‘Haunted’ blasts the cobwebs with a narrative burst. The instrumentals add thrust as the story conveys dark traits and poetry with a dark twist.

‘Rapture Chaser’ opens softly until the raging guitar lines come in fast. Again, the expressive words tell us that the band wants to feel change and hope to flutter around them.

‘Here You Are’ is an acoustic track. The poetry here is blissful in such an unconventional way, pushing the written word to the echelons. The band is trapped in the dark, scraping the floorboards.

Spanish Love Songs inspire yet again, though their themes are depressive and the notion of love bleeds out. 

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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