Spanish Love Songs – Doom And Gloom Sessions | Album Review


spanish love songs

Track Listing

Smile Like You Mean It
Portions For Foxes
Now It’s On


Usually cathartic in their approach, Spanish Love Songs has jumped at the opportunity of creating a cover EP featuring well-known songs. By adding their slant, the act has given us a well-rounded collection, be it only 4 songs.

Doom And Gloom sessions are so well crafted that you’d think these songs were Spanish Love Song’s original takes. The production values are pristine and the musicality top-notch, and this band has added their own twist, delivering a pulsating sonic input.

‘Smile Like You Mean It,’ originally by The Killers, is a great starting point with these cutting lyrics so memorable. The band increase the likability as they put a distinctive spin on such a legendary track.

‘Portions For Foxes’ comes second. Originally by Rilo Kiley, Spanish Love Songs augment it with their own style and grace, pushing it even further and sprinkling their magic. It’s such a sad song which suits this band.

‘Futures’ is a song created by the emo front runners Jimmy Eat World and Spanish Love Songs do it justice by placing their heart and soul. That intro is legendary and memorable, and those guitar moments are worthy of praise.

‘Now It’s On,’ was created by Grandaddy and Spanish Love Songs admirably respect this track for its subtle edges and acoustic charm.

Spanish Love Songs have put their own unique stamp on these pivotal tracks, placing their all into the cause.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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