Space Cadet (2024) Ending Explained – What important message does the movie’s ending teach us?

Plot Summary

Currently streaming on Prime Video is Space Cadet, a new comedy starring Emma Roberts as a Florida party girl who inexplicably ends up joining an astronaut training program at NASA.

The film follows Rex as she undertakes her training, bonds with her classmates, and flies into space on a rescue mission.

Reviews for the film have been mixed so far but we think it’s worth a watch if you’re not expecting a movie that metaphorically aims for the stars. 

In this ending explained article for Space Cadet, we ask the question: What important message does the movie’s ending teach us?

How does Rex get selected for the training program?

As a young girl, Rex had always dreamed of going into space. She worked hard to get the necessary grades, but her dreams and determination took a stumble when her mother died and she prioritized her father over her future as an astronaut. 

After graduating high school, she got a job as a bartender and spent more time partying with her friends than aiming for a better career. 

But when she meets an old friend at her high school reunion and learns that he works in space tourism, she is reminded of her dream to become an astronaut. She doesn’t possess the necessary requirements to become a space cadet but writes an inspiring letter to NASA anyway, telling them why they should choose her over the other applicants.

NASA doesn’t get to see her letter as it’s intercepted by her friend Nadine who deletes it and replaces it with a resume that includes all the qualifications and experiences that Rex needs to get on the space program. 

It’s this resume that earns Rex her spot at NASA, even though she’s not the candidate that they think she is when she arrives. 

Does the truth about Rex come out?

Surprisingly, despite a lack of credentials, Rex manages to impress her superiors, including Logan, who is part of the selection committee at NASA. He’s impressed by the way she handles herself in all aspects of the training program, and he’s also impressed by the endorsement of the references who were mentioned in her resume. 

Of course, those references were all made up by Nadine who pretends to be them when Logan does his background checks. During one call, Nadine accidentally switches to video. As a consequence, Logan sees her and realizes that she isn’t the professor that he thought he had been talking to.

It’s at this point that Logan panics as he knows Rex isn’t qualified to be at NASA, which is a major problem, as he had just sent her out for flight training. 

Rex is panicking too as she’s in control of a jet plane with no idea how to land it. She still manages to achieve an excellent landing, however, but this isn’t enough to satisfy her superiors who kick her out of the program.

Does Rex achieve her dream of flying into space?

After being escorted out of the space centre, Rex returns home to Florida. 

Even though her dreams have been shattered, she’s still happy for her classmates who she watches from afar when they launch into space. She’s sad that she hasn’t been able to join them on their mission but a little while later, her fortune changes.

During the space mission, the rookie astronauts get into trouble when a piece of space debris damages the airlock of their space station. For some reason, the bigwigs at NASA don’t know how to rescue them. Rex, on the other hand, has an idea that might just work so urges the people at NASA to send her into space. 

Logan’s not sure about Rex’s plan but his colleague Pam, who is all for girl power, agrees to blast Rex into the stars. So, up to space Rex goes, where she manages to remove the debris from the space station and save her friends. 

How does the movie end?

At the end of the movie, we learn that Rex and her former classmate Violet founded Galaxy Slush, where they invented technologies for space exploration. They also started a space camp for youngsters with the same dreams of being an astronaut that Rex had when she was younger. 

It’s a happy ending for Rex, more so because she and Logan fell in love with one another. But what message are we supposed to take away from all of this?

What important message does the movie’s ending teach us?

The movie’s message is quite simple: Never give up on your dreams. Even when it seems too late to chase them, we should still grab any opportunities we can to try and make our dreams come true. 

Rex thought her dreams had ended when her mother died. She thought the same when she was kicked off the training program. But in the end, she pushed herself to achieve her dreams, risking failure in pursuit of her lifelong passion. 

Do you think the message is realistic? Let us know in the comments below.


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