Soundtrack #1 – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Track 2 – A picture is worth a thousand words

Episode 2 of Soundtrack #1 begin with Sun-Woo and Eun-Soo waking up and awkwardness immediately ensuing. Realizing they slept in one another’s arms, they both find themselves conflicted over how to feel. Sun-Woo continues to exclaim how crazy this is while Eun-Soo brushes her teeth and collects her thoughts.

The pair eventually sit down to breakfast and settle on the fact it was cold which explains their cuddling. Yep, that’ll do it!

Funnily enough, Eun-Soo begins writing up her lyrics, specifically that for a new song called “The Distance between you and me.” All in English, Sun-Woo listens to the words and they completely resonate with him.

The pair take the collaborative work to see Eun-Soo’s producer, who mentions unrequited love again and broaches the subject with Sun-Woo. He scoffs at the notion, claiming Woo-Il is pretentious. Of course, Sun-Woo is jealous of Eun-Soo’s ties with any of the males in her life and this eventually leads to the pair arguing in the car on the way home. Sun-Woo has enough and walks the rest of the way.

Giving himself some time to think, Sun-Woo decides to tell Eun-Soo how he feels before he leaves Korea. On his way out the door though, he’s blindsided by Eun-Soo who shows up with flowers and an apron as her way of apologizing.

With their argument behind them, the pair are greeted by Eun-Soo’s mum, who happens to have a set of tarot cards. She decides to read Sun-Woo’s fortune, turning them over one by one. The cards hint at faraway love but the knowing look she gives Sun-Woo seems to hint that she knows Sun-Woo has feelings for her daughter.

On the way out the door, she hands over the card for Sun-Woo to hold onto, pointing out that it’s a lucky charm.

In her absence, Eun-Soo and Sun-Woo stay up together and decide to work on Eun-Soo’s lyrics. They keep their feelings hidden for now though, as night eventually turns to day. Sun-Woo heads off to take a shower while Donghyeon rings Sun-Woo but gets through to Eun-Soo instead. He urges her to open up Sun-Woo’s laptop and send over some files from a folder called “Collection 21”

After sending it over, Eun-Soo checks through the rest of Sun-Woo’s photos and realizes there are numerous pictures dating all the way back to 2008. Sun-Woo has clearly had these feelings for a long time and now Eun-Soo is just starting to understand too.

The Episode Review

It’s such a shame that Soundtrack #1 is only 4 episodes long. The vibe this K-drama gives off is so raw and authentic that it’s hard not to love the two leads. The mellow, chilled tone of the show works well but I can’t help but feel that a longer run of 8 episodes would have helped explore the past and understand how Sun-Woo’s feelings have grown – and why he hasn’t had the courage to tell Eun-Soo how he feels yet.

Despite that, Soundtrack #1 has been a decent watch and there’s certainly more than enough to like with this one. With episodes clocking in at around 40 minutes or so, this is a very easy show to watch but it’s mad that we’re already halfway through the season!

Either way, this is a rock-solid k-drama and the ending certainly leaves the door open for more here. Roll on next week’s follow-up!

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