Sound! Euphonium – Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Dissonant Tuning

Episode 9 of Sound! Euphonium Season 3 starts with Taki telling everyone he has no more announcements. Next, Taki says he would like all the non-competitors to leave the area. Later, Masahiro notices the band looks a bit winded so he gives everyone some advice to uplift their spirits. After practice, Mayu visits Kumiko somewhere and suggests they switch places for the soli part. 

Kumiko tells Mayu to stop bringing that up and departs. As Kumiko wanders, Kumiko senses a strange sensation echoing through her body and wonders if she’s angry. Kumiko and Kanade discuss Mayu and the competition. Kanade tells Kumiko she’s okay with not landing a spot for the Kansai Competition. Nonetheless, Kanade wants Kumiko to cheer her up over her loss to some degree. 

Next, Kanade brings up Taki and questions how his decisions have been off lately. Moreover, Kanade thinks Kumiko and the other third-years should stop counting on Taki to make the best decisions. Other than that, Kanade thanks Kumiko for letting her vent her frustrations about everything. Later, Kumiko and the others celebrate with fireworks at night. 

Kousaka greets Kumiko and Kumiko apologizes for letting her down. Kousaka reminds Kumiko they can play the soli part at Nationals. Kumiko asks Kousaka why she thinks she didn’t receive the soli part role. Kousaka’s unsure. Yet, Kousaka trusts Taki and his decisions. Then, Kousaka and Kumiko eavesdrop on three first-years complaining about Taki’s decisions.

Kousaka confronts the girls and tells them to meet her at the rec room later. She tells Kumiko that she’s going to scold them for belittling Taki. Kousaka doesn’t want anyone to lose faith in Taki and argues he didn’t do anything wrong. Tsubame and Mayu discuss the soli part and everyone’s frustrations with Taki’s decisions later. Tsubame tells Mayu everyone’s rooting for Kumiko because she’s the president. 

However, Tsubame argues Mayu is just as talented as Kumiko. Moreover, Tsubame’s happy Taki’s not choosing favorites and is basing his decisions on talent alone. Later, Motomu tells Kumiko to check on Shuuichi. Kumiko visits Shuuichi and learns he’s frustrated with Taki’s choice to swap Kumiko for Mayu regarding the soli part. 

Kumiko tells Shuuichi she’s okay with the result and he shouldn’t worry about it. Later, Mayu visits Kumiko at a vending machine and wants to swap places. Kumiko tells Mayu to focus on the Kansai Competition and help Kitauji win gold at Nationals. Eventually, Kumiko and her friends’ camping endeavors conclude. Kumiko holds a leader meeting at school.

Several students tell Kumiko that people are still frustrated over Taki’s decisions for the Kansai Competition. Everyone argues about what they should do to keep everyone encouraged. Kumiko suggests they monitor everyone and speak with them at the correct time. While some like that notion, other leaders worry about what will happen regarding Kitauji’s future once Kumiko and the others leave. 

Kousaka and Shuuichi argue over Kousaka’s belief that having a sense of urgency entices everyone to play at their full potential. Shuuichi doesn’t like that idea because he doesn’t want to tire everyone out. Kumiko mildly agrees with Kousaka and this frustrates Kousaka. Later, Kumiko, Hazuki, Midori, and Kousaka visit a store. 

Hazuki complains about how things have gotten intense since they left camp. Kumiko reminds Hazuki the Kansai Competition is coming up so it makes sense to feel a little winded after rehearsals. Kumiko suggests they discuss a different topic but Midori asks her to share her opinion of Kitauji’s current developments. 

Kumiko understands everyone’s frustrations. Midori mentions Taki and how he’s changed too much since Prefecturals. Moreover, Midori argues Taki should’ve chosen Kumiko instead of Mayu to maintain peace. Hazuki chimes in and feels Taki made the right choice. Kousaka leaves and Kumiko regroups with her at a bridge. There, Kousaka asks Kumiko to tell her how she truly feels about Taki’s decision. 

Kumiko says she’s okay with some of Taki’s choices. However, Kumiko doesn’t understand most of Taki’s choices he’s made recently. After Kousaka shares her opinion, Kumiko opens up to Kousaka. She tells Kousaka she doesn’t fully trust Taki regarding his recent decisions. Kousaka tells Kumiko if she feels this way, then she’s a failure as a president and leaves. 

Several days pass. Kumiko tells the audience she and Kousaka haven’t spoken or met up in days. She arrives at Taki’s office the following day and Taki attempts to hand her the key to the clubroom. The episode closes with Kumiko telling Taki they need to chat. 

The Episode Review

“Everyone makes mistakes or decisions that everyone won’t be fond of.” That’s at least the thought people have daily. Unfortunately, Kousaka may have forgotten that due to her strong admiration for Taki. From her standing up for Taki to the cruel words she shared with Kumiko at the bridge, some viewers may fear Kumiko and Kousaka’s friendship is in jeopardy. 

Fortunately, we predict Kousaka and Kumiko will reconcile after Kumiko shares her piece with Taki in the next episode. Having said that, this episode felt genuine in its portrayal of our students’ concerns with Taki’s decision. Everyone should be judged for their choices, regardless of status and talent. Hopefully, Taki will come clean with the third-years about his decisions.

Also, it’d be great if he could find a workaround that’ll entice everyone from Mayu to Midori to play at their best. Otherwise, we anticipate Kitauji High School may have to kiss their dreams of reaching Nationals goodbye.

In addition to having stellar visuals and gorgeous animation like normal, this was another emotional chapter of Sound! Euphonium Season 3. 

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