Sound! Euphonium – Season 3 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of Sound! Euphonium Season 3 starts with the Kitauji High School band on a bus. They plan to visit summer camp for three days. Taki gives Kumiko the rundown on how auditions and announcements will go before they tackle the Kansai Competition. At camp, Mayu asks Kumiko multiple camp-oriented questions. Then, Mayu tells Kumiko to come to her if she needs help with anything. 

Later, Masahiro and Satomi introduce themselves to the new Kitauji High School bandmates. After that, Taki reminds everyone that auditions for the Kansai Competition are coming soon and hopes everyone will do their best. Next, we see everyone in the bass section unload their fears about the next audition. Then, a few folks hear Kousaka practicing for the Kansai Competition’s soli part. 

Kanade argues their band will make it to Nationals if Kumiko and Kousaka play the soli part. After an intense practice session occurs, Kumiko and the others eat at the cafeteria. Mayu and Kumiko discuss the upcoming audition and the soli part. Then, Kousaka arrives and asks Kumiko to meet with her somewhere to practice the soli part together. 

After Kousaka and Kumiko practice the soli part, Kousaka reminds Kumiko that she’s getting a lot of warnings from Taki lately. As for Mayu, Kousaka knows she hasn’t received a warning. Moreover, Kousaka argues Mayu has wonderful instincts and can play sounds that Taki finds appealing. Nevertheless, Kousaka’s confident she wants to play the soli part with Kumiko at Nationals. 

Later, Mayu meets with Kumiko somewhere and asks her if she should forfeit the audition. Kumiko tells Mayu that she wants her to give her best effort. Mayu tells Kumiko she only wants to play with everyone. Kumiko puts her foot down and tells Mayu she wants the best bandmates to play. Mayu retaliates and knows Kumiko would be upset if a new student transferred in and stole the part from her.

Kumiko fires back and wonders if Mayu’s confident in being chosen for the part. Kumiko apologizes and shares how this situation happened in the past between Yuuko, Kousaka, and Kaori. Kumiko leaves the area and meets up with Hazuki and Midori later. Hazuki tells Kumiko that Motomu wants to tell Midori something.

Hazuki thinks Motomu might ask Midori to be his girlfriend and Midori’s unsure how to respond. Kumiko leaves the girls and heads to her audition tryout. Kumiko gives it her best shot, with Mayu doing the same seconds later. After discussing auditions with Shuuichi and Kousaka, Kumiko and Kousaka spot Midori sitting at a table alone. 

Kumiko and Kousaka interrogate Midori about what happened between her and Motomu. Midori doesn’t share what Motomu told her so Kousaka tells Kumiko she’s heading somewhere alone. However, Kumiko insists Midori attend this place with them, Kousaka hands Midori her drink, and the three head off somewhere. 

Kumiko wakes up in the morning and stares at the field, recounting her memory of Asuka. Kumiko looks at a photograph Asuka gave her and reminds herself that this is her last camping outing. Mayu stumbles upon Kumiko playing her song in the same area Asuka played it. Eventually, Taki announces who’ll be playing during the Kansai Competition. 

We learn Kanade won’t be playing alongside the euphonium players during the announcements. Then, Taki announces the soloists and confirms Mayu will play the soli part with Kousaka. The episode closes with Kumiko reacting to the news. 

The Episode Review

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 continues netting itself glorious strikes each week and this episode is no different. Although many had a hunch Kumiko wouldn’t continue her soli streak with Kousaka forever, some are thankful it happened now rather than at Nationals. With this loss, the series can explore Kumiko’s character further, allowing her to tackle critical matters she tossed aside.

Although Taki’s decision to select Mayu over Kumiko can backfire on him, we’re confident that this selection will lead to magnificent results at the Kansai Competition. Yet, we predict another Yuuko, Kaori, and Kousaka situation could occur again, especially if Kousaka confronts Mayu about this. At the same time, it’s likely something like that won’t happen again as we’re certain Kumiko will prevent Kousaka or others from lashing out at Mayu. 

Mayu and Kumiko aside, it’s unfortunate that Kanade didn’t get a spot at the Kansai Competition. But as they say, the more trash talk you dish out, sooner or later, that’ll come back to haunt you. Like Kumiko, this loss can give Kanade some meaningful depth and development. Much like Motomu, she was another character whose arc was sped through (a tad) in one of the feature films. 

On top of having beautiful visuals, music, and magnificent tension, Kyoto Animation Studios delivers another great episode for Sound! Euphonium fans to watch. I’m excited to see what’ll unfold next week. 

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