Sound! Euphonium – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Triangle Syncopation

Episode 2 of Sound! Euphonium Season 3 starts with Mayu properly introducing herself to her third-year classmates in class. Mayu hopes her classmates will welcome her with open arms since she’s a third-year transfer student. While Mayu gets settled in, Kumiko reveals that Mayu was a Seira Girls’ School euphonium player, a school that notoriously competed at nationals.

Hazuki, Midori, and Tsubame introduce themselves to Mayu. Kumiko joins their discussion and Mayu reveals she spoke to Taki and plans to join their school’s concert band. Later, Mayu confronts Kumiko and asks her if she’s cool with her joining their band. Kumiko says she’s down for Mayu to join. However, Mayu feels if she joins, another euphonium player might get replaced or abandon their preferred instrument in the competition.

Then, we cut away to Kousaka sharing details with her school’s concert band about this year’s SunFes competition. She says things will be different this year.  While that’s happening, Kumiko’s handling paperwork. Simultaneously, she reflects on all the activities she and the others must tackle after SunFes concludes. After the meeting, Kumiko meets with Kanade, and the two discuss Mayu.

Then, Tsubame arrives and informs Kumiko about her concerns for Suzume and her bizarre habits. Elsewhere, Hazuki teaches Suzume, Kaho, and Yayoi sound vibration techniques. Although the girls struggle, Hazuki tells them they’ll get the hang of it. Later, Kumiko stops by and notices Hazuki’s having the girls exercise. After some funny puns and jokes ensue, Kumiko notices Mayu’s euphonium on the desk. 

She asks everyone where Kanade is. Mirei tells Kumiko that Kanade and Mayu went to another classroom to chat with her. We cut away to Kanade interrogating Mayu about her goals and decisions. Kumiko arrives and Mayu tells Kumiko she loves the bass section’s tight-knit atmosphere. After Mayu reveals some embarrassing details about her past, Taki arrives.

He tells Kumiko he wants to discuss something with her after practice today. He also wants her to bring Kousaka and Shuuichi to the staff office. Later, the three arrive at the staff office. Taki says he wants them to choose between three pieces of music. He says they’ll perform one of the songs at this year’s competition. 

Later, Shuuichi, Kousaka, and Kumiko discuss this matter on a subway train. Kumiko’s unsure if Taki should count on them to make the decision. While Taki has had some say in the past, Shuuichi feels Taki has instilled immense faith in Kumiko as the club’s president. Eventually, the three arrive at their destination and Kumiko departs from the group. 

Shuuichi purchases food and before he leaves, Kousaka confronts him about what he said to Kumiko on the subway train. She feels he put pressure on Kumiko with his words. Shuuichi apologizes as it wasn’t his intent. Kousaka tells Shuuichi to act more like a vice president and support Kumiko. Despite Kousaka wanting to walk home alone, Kousaka and Shuuichi walk home together.

At home, Kumiko listens to all three music pieces and isn’t sure which one she should choose. Kumiko arrives at the band room and notices Suzume and Sari practicing together. Sari says she enticed Suzume to arrive early and belittles herself. Kumiko tells Sari that Ririka said she was leagues above the other first-years. Kumiko leaves the girls and heads somewhere.

Later, we see Kousaka training the concert band for the upcoming SunFes event. They’re all in the school’s gymnasium. While on break, we receive some amusing discussions between Motomu and some first-years. Kumiko and Mayu observe the first years from a balcony. Suddenly, Kanade arrives and says they should get everyone ready for sectionals.

Kumiko tells Kanade she didn’t have to climb to the balcony to tell her that but Kanade says she didn’t mind. The two engage in playful banter and Mayu says she envies their relationship. Kanade tells Mayu they have a nice thing going on. Kumiko visits Yayoi and Kaho. They’re exhausted from the practice they’re being put through. After the three chat about Mirei and Suzume, Kousaka rallies everyone together and pumps them up.

Then, Kumiko informs everyone that they’ll be partaking in the sectionals. Kousaka’s flustered that they’re behind schedule and Kumiko says they’re fine. Suzume pulls Kumiko aside. She complains about Tsubame’s role in sectionals. Suzume says she isn’t sure if Tsubame’s upset but she has a hunch she’s secretly upset about her position.

Kumiko tries reasoning with Suzume but isn’t having it. Tsubame arrives and apologizes to Kumiko. Suzume questions Tsubame over her words because Suzume is trying to help Tsubame get her preferred role at SunFes. Tsubame tells Suzume that she wants to be on the color guard to Suzume’s surprise. Ultimately, Kumiko tells Suzume she should put more trust in Tsubame. 

Later, Kumiko heads somewhere to relax. Kousaka arrives, grabs one of Kumiko’s earbuds, and learns she’s listening to the songs Taki asked her to choose from. Moreover, Kousaka confronts Kumiko about her experience with Suzume and Tsubame. Kumiko feels she’s not cut out to be club president. Kousaka tells Kumiko she has a hunch why Taki instilled faith in her, Shuuichi, and Kumiko to choose the piece for nationals.

Also, Kousaka tells Kumiko that she and Shuuichi already selected a piece for them to play. She asks Kumiko to make a decision. After listening to the piece, Kumiko, Shuuichi, and Kousaka visit Taki. Taki confirms their “given piece” this year will be Scherzando while their “selection piece” will be Hitotose no Uta. Then, we see Taki handing sheets to the concert band members.

He says they’ll practice for this year’s competition after SunFes concludes. After Kousaka shares some encouraging remarks, the chapter closes with a shot of a shrine. 

The Episode Review

We’re only at episode 2 and Sound! Euphonium’s already hard at work building up tension amongst the Kitauji High School’s Concert Band members. From Mayu’s calm yet shady remarks toward Kumiko to the drama involving Tsubame and Suzume, Kumiko’s feeling the pressure this season. Fortunately, she has folks like Kousaka on her side to encourage her. 

While Kousaka has her qualms, it’s nice knowing that her tight-knit bond with Kumiko remains untouched. Back to Mayu, this episode did a fine job of giving us more details about her past high school experiences. From her mother-like status to her exceptional euphonium playing skills, Kumiko should keep an eye on her as there’s a chance Mayu might swoop in and retrieve everything she’s worked hard to attain. 

By and large, I’m excited to see what the showrunners plan to do with Mayu’s character. Moreover, this chapter contains visuals and animation on par with cinematic releases. Regardless if the characters are chatting or performing, there are many extravagant-looking sequences stashed within this one that’ll excite any anime fan. 

Overall, this was another marvelous showcase from Sound! Euphonium Season 3. I’m excited to see what else awaits Kumiko and her friends during this year’s SunFes. 

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