Sound! Euphonium – Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Orchestra to the Future

Episode 11 of Sound! Euphonium Season 3 starts with the Kansai Competition announcer telling the crowd who achieved gold. Also, he shares which schools will be competing in the Kansai Competition. Thankfully, Kitauji High School is one of those schools, which brings Kumiko and her friends much happiness. After regrouping and discussing things with Yayoi, Suzume, and others, Kumiko reflects on her club’s Kansai Competition performance. 

At school, Kumiko overhears Mirei and Satsuki discussing with Mayu. They tell Mayu people adored Mayu and Kousaka’s soli part performance. Kumiko confronts Mayu and thanks her for helping them reach Nationals. Then, Kumiko notices Kousaka sent her a text. Before she meets Kousaka, Kumiko hands Taki the club’s keys.

Taki praises Kumiko for her Kansai Competition speech. He argues he would’ve acted harshly toward the students. Then, the two discuss Taki’s deceased wife and whether she would be proud of Taki for his achievements. Taki says his wife would’ve praised the students and informs Kumiko about some advice his wife gave him during their college years. 

Later, Kumiko, Kousaka, Hazuki, and Midori attend a restaurant. There, they congratulate Midori on her college admission achievement. Hazuki and Kumiko don’t have the brightest after-high school plans. Midori reveals Kousaka’s plans to study abroad, much to Kumiko and Hazuki’s surprise. Kousaka says nothing has been confirmed yet.

Midori reveals she eavesdropped on their teachers discussing Kousaka’s after-high school plans. After that, Kumiko and Kousaka chat on a train. Kousaka apologizes for not telling Kumiko about her dilemma regarding studying abroad. Then, Kousaka tells Kumiko there will be an event at Mizore’s college. Kousaka insists they attend the event since their former seniors will be there too. 

Kumiko says she doesn’t mind attending and Kousaka asks Kumiko questions about her after-school plans. Kumiko doesn’t elaborate much. Eventually, the two arrive at a train station. There, Kousaka apologizes for all the cruel things she said to her. Kumiko teases Kousaka about her comments and the two hug it out. Then, we return to observing Kumiko and the others preparing for Nationals with Taki. 

Kanade blurts out that she wants Kumiko to play the soli part with Kousaka at Nationals. Then, Kumiko heads to her usual practice spot to train. Mayu confronts Kumiko and tells her she’s forfeiting the soli part because it’d be in the club’s interest. Kumiko lists reasons why Mayu shouldn’t do that. Moreover, Kumiko says she wants to achieve that spot fairly. 

Mayu walks away frustrated—Kanade chimes in and lists terrible things about Mayu to Kumiko. Kumiko knows Mayu’s being honest with her but Kanade keeps rambling about the situation. Kanade tells Kumiko that Mayu’s going to keep chatting with Kumiko about the topic until Kumiko admits that she wants Mayu to forfeit her chance at the soli part. 

After that, Kumiko returns home. There, Mamiko helps Kumiko get pampered for Mizore’s concert. Kumiko and her sister discuss college, music school, and her desire to defeat Mayu and obtain the soli part. Later, Kumiko and Kousaka meet with Asuka, Natsuki, and Yuuko at Mizore’s concert. Kumiko envies Yuuko and Natsuki’s close connection despite their high school endeavors being behind them. 

Then, our girls watch Mizore perform at the concert. Mizore regroups with Kumiko and Asuka’s group after her performance. Kousaka praises Mizore and the others inform Mizore that Kousaka plans to attend a music school in America. Then, Natsuki asks Kumiko about her after-high school plans. Kumiko says she’s undecided, much to Natsuki’s shock. 

Some girls suggest Kumiko attend Mizore’s music school. Kumiko asks Mizore how she’d feel if Kumiko attended this university. Mizore says she doesn’t picture Kumiko attending this university here. Kumiko agrees and departs with Kousaka somewhere. Before they part ways, Kumiko tells Kousaka that she doesn’t plan to attend music school. Kousaka says she plans to end things with Kumiko now. 

She feels they won’t have anything in common and fears it’ll be that way once Nationals is over and they’ve graduated. Kumiko promises Kousaka that things won’t change between them and that she’ll always be a special person to her. Kousaka promises she’ll become a more special person and the two part ways. Kumiko and the others arrive at the clubroom the next day.

The episode closes with Michie telling everyone that the final auditions will begin now. 

The Episode Review

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Episode 11 addresses several questions fans have had for weeks. First off, it was great to see Kousaka make amends for the cruel things she said to Kumiko a couple of episodes ago. As with life, people tend to say harsh things they’d later regret. Although the way they resolved matters feels sudden and somewhat weightless, the scene between our girls, later on, may entice folks to turn a blind eye to that. 

The scene in question concerns Kumiko’s decision not to attend music school. The anime has done a nice job of showing Kumiko’s concerns with her after-high school plans. Kousaka insisted Kumiko attend music school since our protagonist didn’t know what she should do. Therefore, having Kumiko decide against that is great since it makes her feel more rounded and less static. 

Kumiko aside, fans will understand Kousaka’s sadness. For those who’ve watched Sound! Euphonium from the beginning, Kousaka doesn’t have tight connections with anyone, outside of Kumiko. The fear of losing someone close to you, physically and mentally, is a problem many people undergo before their high school journeys close. Although we’re optimistic their connection will remain intact, much like Natsuki and Yuuko’s, one can’t help but sympathize with Kousaka here.

On top of having beautiful visuals and great music, this was another marvelous chapter of Sound! Euphonium Season 3. Hopefully, the final two episodes can address the Mayu situation as that dilemma needs proper closure. 

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