Sound! Euphonium – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review

 Expressing Arpeggios

Episode 10 of Sound! Euphonium Season 3 starts with Taki discussing his decisions and goals with Kumiko. Taki says his decisions are solely based on the group’s goals to reach Nationals. He argues his methods will help them improve as musicians. Kumiko understands and chooses not to ask Taki her Mayu soli part question. Taki hands Kumiko candy and Kumiko leaves. 

During practice, one of the band members questions Kousaka about their Kansai Competition training regime. Kumiko interrupts the girl and tells her she’ll settle her concerns until they finish their practice session. Then, the girl asks about Taki’s decision to hold auditions after each competition. Shuuichi informs everyone that the executives proposed the idea and Taki gave it the green light. 

Another student chimes in and suggests they speak with Taki to reverse the decision. Kousaka tells the girl it’s too late for that and Kumiko agrees. More students share concerns about this debacle. Kousaka stands up for Taki more and another student suggests Kousaka and the others discover a way to uplift everyone’s spirits due to the club’s terrible atmosphere. 

Taki arrives and entices everyone to continue playing. After practice, Kumiko notices Kousaka and Shuuichi arguing over their beliefs. Kumiko tells the two to stop arguing because everyone can hear them. Shuuichi confronts Kumiko and demands they speak with Taki about all this. He doesn’t believe they can handle the drama that’s brewing within the club on their own. 

Later, Kumiko reads Kousaka’s notes in the executive notebook. Kumiko believes Kousaka is trying to forget their bridge incident from episode 9. In the notebook, Kumiko tells Kousaka they should get through the Kansai Competition. Next, Kumiko notices Kousaka sent her a text. The two meet near the lake and discuss a few things. 

Kumiko suggests they find a way to get the new club members to trust Taki as much as they do. She knows emotions are running rampant because of Taki’s selection decisions. Kumiko argues if Taki explains why he chose certain people over others, the new club members will have faith in Taki. Kousaka disagrees. She argues if Taki reveals his reasons for selecting people, the others won’t care.

Instead, Kousaka thinks the new band members won’t give it their all unless the audition results change. The two get into an argument with each other and depart. Kumiko looks at a postcard and heads to Asuka’s residence. Once she arrives, she’s greeted by Kaori. Kaori tells Kumiko she’s rooming with Asuka to save cash.

Also, Kaori says Asuka will be back soon and welcomes her inside. The two chat about dorm life and Kaori notices Kumiko’s postcard and assumes she got into a fight with Kousaka. Asuka told Kaori if Kumiko ever chose to revisit Asuka it’d be because Kumiko got into a fight with Kousaka. Then, Asuka arrives, and Kumiko notices she’s changed a lot.

Kumiko informs Asuka and Kaori about everything that’s happening at school. Asuka gives Kumiko advice. Moreover, Asuka theorizes that Taki and Mayu are hesitant about things. Kumiko wonders what she should do because she knows the Kansai Competition is almost here. Asuka doesn’t give Kumiko the answer she’s hoping for.

Instead, Asuka reminds Kumiko of her greatest quality. Essentially, Kumiko is known for speaking her mind without thinking about the consequences. Kumiko leaves and Kaori wishes her the best. While Kumiko runs, we receive several scenarios of her unloading her thoughts and feelings about everything that’s transpired so far via the executive notebook. 

Simultaneously, we see Shuuichi confronting Kousaka about everything. Kumiko promises to tell everyone how she feels. Shuuichi and Kousaka promise to support her via the words they wrote in the executive notebook. Eventually, the Kansai Competition arrives. Everyone from Kumiko to Sari practices for their upcoming performance. After Taki shares a few words, Kumiko interrupts him and asks if she can say a few things. Taki allows it. 

Kumiko tells the others what’s on her mind without filtering anything out. With some support from Midori and Hazuki, everyone but a select few cheer for Kumiko. The episode closes with the Kitauji High School band finishing their performance at the Kansai Competition. 

The Episode Review

Anyone in a tough predicament would revisit an old friend for help and advice as Kumiko did in episode 10. That said, it was great seeing former characters like Kaori and Asuka return to the narrative. While Nozomi and Yuuko’s cameos were enjoyable, Kaori and Asuka’s returns held meaning. Not only do we receive updates on their lives, but Asuka also helps Kumiko find a way to calm most folks in the club down. 

It wasn’t a straightforward fix, but Asuka did a fine job motivating Kumiko. At the same time, the Kousaka and Kumiko relationship fix felt mildly abrupt, with its resolution feeling convenient. Although people often say things they regret, the series should’ve drawn out that drama for one more episode as it feels odd that matters resolved between the two that soon. 

However, the same can’t be said for Mayu and Kumiko’s relationship. Mayu didn’t cheer Kumiko on after her speech, despite Kumiko having that effect on people, based on Asuka’s claims. Therefore, we predict the final drama Kumiko must resolve is between her and Mayu. There’s much to Mayu’s character that’s yet to be resolved outside of that too. 

With three episodes remaining, we’re hopeful Kyoto Animation Studios will dive further into this character’s problems and resolve matters with her in a genuine sense. On top of having some strange timeline-hopping situations, this wasn’t a perfect episode. Nevertheless, Kyoto Animation Studios continues delivering the goods with this one’s visuals, storytelling, soundtrack, and other aspects.

Hopefully, the next chapter will provide outstanding results!

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