Sonic Prime – Season 3 Episode 5 “Home Sick Home” Recap & Review

Home Sick Home

At the beginning of episode 5, “Home Sick Home,” the Robo Cat launches missiles at Sonic, but luckily, he dodges them. The Chaos Council, though shaken by the attack, is relieved to see Sonic unharmed. Meanwhile, Nine, hell-bent on capturing Sonic, amps up his forces with more Robots and Robo Birdies. The Chaos Council fights back and tries to take out some of the robots, but the Robo Cat lays waste to their plans. 

Nine is running out of time, so he pushes his army to capture Sonic while ignoring all the others. Sonic fights with all his might and provides the Chaos Council a window of opportunity to regroup and rethink their plan. As per the new plan, they split into groups and approached the fortress from different sides. Shadow also joins the fight and saves Sonic from taking a heavy beating from one of the robots.

The Chaos Council climbs up the fortress to break Nine’s connection with the Paradox Prism. As the Council ascends, they bump into the tough Alphas, high-tech robot soldiers, and have to retreat. Nine is getting super antsy now, and he redirects the Paradox Prism energy back to the Citadel, but it looks like the Prism is losing its strength.

Every time Nine shifts the energy, the Grim starts to shrink, getting smaller and smaller. Nine can’t hold back any longer, and he’s desperate to capture Sonic. Nine rallies all the Robot forces he has under his command, making things challenging for Sonic and the Chaos Council.

The battle is heating up by the second, with both sides refusing to back down. The Robo Army heavily outnumbers the Chaos Council. In addition, Injuries are piling up, and Sonic and the team are on the brink of falling apart. Sonic knows that Nine is only after him, so he decides to head straight for him.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Sonic Prime definitely deserves some brownie points for bringing Sonic and Nine face-to-face with one another. I loved that they brought back Shadow; it added a lot to the story as we approach the end. Episode 5 builds nicely on what we’ve seen before and even leaves us with a cliffhanger after Sonic and the Chaos Council’s fate.

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