Sonic Prime – Season 3 Episode 2 “Dome Sweet Dome” Recap & Review

Dome Sweet Dome

Sonic Prime Season 3 kicks off at speedster pace (DC reference here!), following Sonic’s mission to rescue his world from Nine, who’s snagged all the Shards and built the paradox prism. Although it’s not fully complete, Nine needs Sonic’s energy to finish it. Throughout the episodes, Nine is relentlessly chasing Sonic for that energy. The first episode wraps up with Shadow tossing Sonic out of the Grim to make sure Nine doesn’t use Sonic’s energy to become a beast. But Nine isn’t the one to back down; he sends some of his Robot Birdies after Sonic.

At the beginning of episode 2, titled “Dome Sweet Dome,” Sonic gets thrown out of the Grim, but he’s not giving up on his adventure. He’s all set to jump back in, but then he spots those pesky robot birdies following him. With no chance to fight back, he has to bolt for his life, zigzagging and doing his best to dodge them. Realizing he can’t handle this alone, Sonic thinks of one place that might help him out – New Yoke. Sonic manages to enter New Yoke, but those birdies are stubborn and still on his tail.

Sonic makes it into New Yoke, feeling a bit emotional about coming back, but there’s no time for sightseeing. The Robo Birdies are hot on his heels, entering right after him, sparking another chase. Sonic is speedy, but Nine now has the power of the universe and is monitoring and guiding his Birdies. Sonic expects help in the New Yoke Dome, but Nine has different ideas. Nine starts flipping New Yoke around, causing chaos as everyone in the city is getting hurt, falling, and crashing into things.

Sonic is doing his best to help everyone, but things take a turn when he spots a mother hanging onto a pole, desperately trying to save her child. Sonic rushes in to help, but her grip slips, and she falls. Just in the nick of time, someone catches her, saving them both. As they fly through the chaos, we get a surprise reunion with Amy, who’s back with the whole New Yoke team after Season 2.

Just when things seem dire, Dr. Done jumps in and starts shooting down the birdies. The entire Chaos Council, including Dr. Babble, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Don’t, and Dr. Done-it, are now on Sonic’s side, helping him fend off Nine. It’s a victory for now, but everyone knows it’s brief, and Nine will come back. What’s surprising is that the Chaos Council, who wanted to kill Sonic since Season 2, has now sided with him. But why? They know that Sonic’s energy can create a protective dome, shielding them from the power of the Paradox Prism.

As the episode nears its end, Sonic strikes a deal with the Chaos Council. Sonic allows them to use his energy, and in return, they agree to build their protective shield. There’s one condition: every citizen in New Yoke must be allowed inside to save them from destruction. After some negotiation, they reach an understanding, and Sonic speeds up the process.

He runs as fast as he can, creating energy while working the machine to create the protective shield. Nine, watching all this, summons more Robo Birdies, but it doesn’t help. The security dome is created, forcing Nine to retreat temporarily.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 contributes to the story’s progress, and when we see the New Yoke team jumping in on the action, it becomes all the more interesting. It balances the power scale on both sides, creating a constant clash between the protagonists and antagonists with equal strength.

But this is no way a substitute for Shadow, who has been missing from the episode, but from the intense action that has been going around, he’ll soon be joining the band.

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