Song of the Bandits – K-drama Episode 9 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 9

Episode 9 of Song of the Bandits starts with Yoon and his crew being stuck inside the prison with Yamada and the Japanese cops waiting outside, asking them to surrender. Yamada refuses to go inside and attack Yoon, afraid of losing his life.

Meanwhile, Yoon and his crew discuss how they’re short on ammo and cannot face the cops without any external help.

How does Seon-bok help Yoon’s bandits escape the prison?

With no way to get out of the prison and with Ki-ryeong making his way back to kill Yoon and his bandits, the leader asks for Sae-bok’s help. She tells Yoon that she hasa special machine weapon in her car outside her hotel and states that they need someone to sneak out and bring it back inside.

The group asks Choraeng-yi to go out and he somehow agrees to do so despite the threat to his life. Choraeng-yi manages to take the weapon inside. At the same time, Yamada asks his cops to bring in all the guns they have and commands them to start firing inside the police station.

Just then, Choraengi shows up with the machine gun and starts firing away, killing hundreds of cops in seconds. Yamada manages to escape but is eventually killed by Eon-nyeoni. The entire bandit crew leave, which angers Ki-ryeong. Yoon goes off looking for Nam-chun and learns that the old man is still alive.

What happens to Gwang-il?

After fleeing from a fight where all his juniors were killed, Gwang-il comes back to Katayama’s office to apologise and bear the punishment. Katayama tells him that he was spared by Governor General Santo because of his father’s connections and puts him on probation.

Gwang-il finds some documents pertaining to the new policies implemented by the Japanese government to punish the insurgents and is shocked. On the contrary, Chung-soon forces Yoon to go see Hee-shin as he grows restless, waiting for Ki-ryeong to attack them.

Seon-bok and Eon-nyeoni hide out with the bandits and Yoon tells them all that he is going to Gyeongseong to meet his family and Hee-shin. He promises to return soon and asks his bandits to take care of himself.

What does Hee-shin find in Gwang-il’s bag? What does she do with the information?

Kawaguchi orders Ki-ryeong to kill the insurgents in a small village in Jongchun where they slaughter 40 Japanese cops, making it to the local news. Gwang-il shows up to meet Hee-shin and tells her all about the events from the past few weeks.

He tells her how it had turned him into a hopeless soldier who could not pick a gun to serve his master. He asks if Hee-shin would marry such a person despite his shortcomings and she promises to keep her word.

That night, Gwang-il catches Hee-shin reading the confidential document in his bag but does not make a scene. The next morning, Hee-shin meets the same insurgent she gave the money to and tells him about the newly implemented policy that will grant Japanese soldiers permission to go to Gando and kill anyone who defies them.

Hee-shin tells him that the Japanese have tricked the Chinese military in Manchuria and joined forces to kill the Joseon citizens in Gando. Hee-shin notices someone overhearing her conversation and starts following her. Hee-shin tells the insurgent that she will leave her job and join the insurgents full-time in order to relay information from Gwang-il’s division.

Gwang-il is shocked to learn that Hee-shin is an insurgent who has stolen the 200,000. He berates himself for falling so madly in love with her that he failed to see through her lies. Gwang-il warns the informant against making the news public and threatens to kill his family if anyone is to find out about Hee-shin.

Do Yoon and Hee-shin end up together?

Hee-shin learns that Yoon has arrived in Gyeongseong. She avoids meeting Yoon, prioritising her struggle for freedom. She writes a note and sends it to Yoon using a young boy. He is asked to meet the insurgent who handed him Hee-shin’s letter and shares the news from Hee-shin about the new imperialist rule for insurgents in Gando.

Yoon recalls what happened 11 years ago and the insurgent asks him to go back to his family and protect them. Yoon learns that this was Hee-shin’s way to ask him to back off and he leaves to go back to his crew without a word. She runs to the train station after him but Yoon leaves despite seeing her on the platform.

How does Song of the Bandits end?

That night, Kawaguchi orders his troops to leave for attack in Gando as per their plan. Meanwhile, Yoon’s bandits prepare themselves for any oncoming attack. Hee-shin marries Gwang-il while Yoon makes the journey back to his crew. The show ends with Yoon’s crew killing the Japanese troops as Yoon watches the massacre from close by after arriving back to his tribe.

The Episode Review

From the way this episode has ended, one can hope for a second show but it does not seem the case. The makers tried to wind things up as best as they could and possibly left the show on an open-ended note in order to gauge the response of the audience. We can expect Gwang-il to react to the fact that Hee-shin is betraying him but he doesn’t do anything about it.

On the other hand, Yoon and Hee-shin end things in a haphazard way and there they can be hope for the star-crossed lovers to reunite if the show will ever come back for a Season 2.

I love how Eon-nyeoni and Seon-bok are now part of Yoon’s bandits but since we saw a glimpse of the imperialist ruler that killed Eon-nyeoni’s parents, one can hope for there to a season 2 where she avenges her parents’ deaths along with the help of the bandit crew.

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  1. I hope there is a season 2 of this marvelous mashup of eastern and western. A Korean show with classic Hollywood western pacing, editing beats, landscape vistas and gunslinger tropes, but wed to authentic Korean history and aesthetics. Something new and fresh! It made me read up about Manchuria, too. The great Kim Nam Gil is emotional and charismatic, investing me in his character. I am also glad there are two female leads with contrasting styles, one classic swan and one modern hip-hop. I’m glad they are allies.

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