Song of the Bandits – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Song of the Bandits starts with a flashback of Eon-nyeoni being taken in by Chung-soo and his group. She tells Eon-nyeoni that her family have been killed in front of her eyes by bandits while she managed to escape. Eon-nyeoni tells Chung-soo that she wants shelter for a few days and is taken in by the old swordsman.

Chung-soo begins trusting Eon-nyeoni’s sob story and tries to sympathise with her as his own daughter. However, as it turns out, Eon-nyeoni was there to kill Yoon.

Present-day Eon-nyeoni tells Chung-soo that she is back again for Yoon and informs him and the bandits that their leader has fallen in love with the railway minister and is helping her.

Eon-nyeoni tries to badmouth Yoon in front of Chung-soo but he tells her that he treats Yoon like his child, just like he did with her in the past. Chung-soo sends Choraeng-yi, Geumsu and Sang-gun to look for Yoon. Yoon though, takes shelter in a local village where he tends to an unconscious Hee-shin who had been shot.

Gwang-il learns that the insurgent who stole the money was in Jeongwoljin. He asks the army to get ready and they leave for Jeongwoljin.

Hee-shin wakes up but is still hurting from the gunshot wound. Yoon tells her that they have been in the village for the past three days when she had passed out. Hee-shin tries to leave but owing to her condition, Yoon does not let her go.

After Sang-gun finds Yoon in the village, he sends Choraeng-yi to bring Chung-soo to the village in order to coerce Yoon to go back with them.

Eon-nyeoni keeps an eye on the bandits, knowing they will lead her to Yoon. On the contrary, Yoon is with Hee-shin at a small gathering in the village when the bandits show up and try to attack her. She manages to escape with Yoon’s help and the bandits beat Yoon up for being blindly in love with Hee-shin and for forgetting about their arrangement.

Yoon tells Chung-soo and the bandits that Hee-shin is an insurgent who needs to transport the money safely. Eon-nyeoni is observing the chaos from nearby as she waits for her chance to shoot Yoon and kill him. Just then, Gwang-il shows up to the village with his army. He is shocked to see his old friend, Yoon, there. He asks for a private chat and commands his army to wait until he leaves the room.

Gwang-il instructs the soldiers to kill Yoon and his crew as soon as he leaves, while Yoon asks his bandits to wait for a bit and kill the soldiers after he has had the chat with Gwang-il.

In the room, Gwang-il asks Yoon if he is the insurgent stealing the money from the Japanese government. He accuses Yoon of being a traitor and Hee-shin, who was hiding away in the same room, overhears the conversation.

Despite going into the room unarmed, Gwang-il pulls out a spare gun, threatens Yoon, and fires a shot to scare him. He shoots at the spot where Hee-shin is hiding and Yoon instantly disarms him. Yoon tells Gwang-il that he and his crew were the same famous bandits who had killed huge military groups in the past.

He threatens Gwang-il and gives him the opportunity to flee back with his troops as a final present to a master from his slave.

Yoon further instigates Gwang-il and tells him that he would be killed with disrespect by the Japanese military if he were to fail his mission. Despite Gwang-il and Yoon’s orders, the soldiers and the bandits waiting outside try to instigate the other to start shooting.

Gwang-il leaves the room and asks his soldiers to back off, claiming their mission is over. Yoon checks up on Hee-shin to ensure she is safe and goes outside to ask his bandits to stop. Eon-nyeoni notices the military leaving and grows curious. Gwang-il spots her and orders to not only kill Yoon but also the railway minister who stole the money.

After the Japanese military have left, Hee-shin tells Yoon’s crew that she’s an insurgent working for the Japanese government. In secret, Yoon tells Chung-soo that Hee-shin was his first love and adds that he needs to protect her no matter what.

Chung-soo is shocked to learn this and asks Yoon to be very careful as the Japanese government is known to be brutal towards insurgents. Chung-soo leaves with the bandits and asks Yoon to take Hee-shin to Seon-bok. That night, Eon-nyeoni meets Chung-soo and tells him the truth from five years ago. She also tells him that she was asked to kill Yoon and Hee-shin.

Eon-nyeoni asks Chung-soo to stay out of her way and is shocked to learn that Chung-soo has forgiven Yoon for all he had done. Chung-soo also tells her that Yoon has forgiven her and let her go in the past. Eon-nyeoni tells Chung-soo that it’s important for her to kill Yoon but the latter is worried for her.

Eon-nyeoni tells Chung-soo that her parents were killed by the people of Joseon and adds that she cannot spare Yoon, no matter what. As she takes the horsehide to look for Yoon, a flashback shows how Eon-nyeoni’s parents were stoned and killed under Joseon’s rule. 

The episode ends with Eon-nyeoni sobbing as she recalls being pelted with stones after her parents were beheaded in front of her eyes.

The Episode Review

I’m not sure if it’s Nam-gil who does not work quite well as a romantic actor or it’s the shows that he is starring in lately that make it seem like he has no chemistry with his female leads . First, it was Lee Da-hee in Island and now it is Soheon where his awkwardness around his actresses sticks out like a sore thumb.

With that being said, I am very invested in what happened to Eon-nyeoni’s family and why they were brutally killed. The theory that she is related to Yoon goes down the drain as she was from a different village and her parents were killed in a very different method. We will only find out once the show ends with just three episodes left!

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