Song of the Bandits – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Song of the Bandits takes a flashback from when Yoon was working with the Japanese army. Back then, Gwang-il had taken Yoon to a ball where he first met Hee-shin.

Present day, Hee-shin packs her bags for her trip to Myeongjeong. At the same time, Gwang-il meets Sang-guk under the pretext of his marriage with Hee-shin but tells him that running the Independence army against the Japanese government is wrong.

Sang-guk accuses Gwang-il of being an opportunist who has been known for siding with the powerful government time after time. Sang-guk is taken to the torture chamber where he is beaten up. Gwang-il asks him what the freedom fighters from their area are going to do next.

After being brutally tortured, Sang-guk begins to tell Gwang-il about their plan to steal the Gando Line Railway funds but takes the opportunity and kills himself with Gwang-il’s colleague’s gun. Gwang-il is infuriated and beats him up for being careless in the torture room. He then asks his army to be prepared to catch anyone who’s trying to loot the bank truck, which was initially going to transport the money.

At the same time, Hee-shin and Eon-nyeoni take the train to Myeongjeong. The two decide to split up and meet each other back at the train station after Eon-nyeoni successfully steals the money. Major Ooka picks Hee-shin up from the train station and on the car ride to her hotel room, she learns that Ooka does not like staying away from Japan any longer.

Eon-nyeoni meets someone and asks him if the job is done, and is satisfied to learn that things are going according to her plan. Meanwhile, Yoon tells Seon-bok that word of the huge sum of money being transported has gotten out amongst the bandits. She tells him that it is no big deal and asks him to make sure he is the one to steal the funds.

In the marketplace, Yoon spots Hee-shin, who was going to stay at a hotel room in the area. A flashback shows that Hee-shin and Yoon first met when they were children and when he was still working in the Japanese army years after that. Present day, Yoon decides to follow Hee-shin into her hotel but is stopped by Eon-nyeoni. He recalls her last promise and tries to shoot him.

The gunfire and fight between the two cause chaos in the marketplace and Seon-bok decides to go inside her restaurant to save Yoon. The Japanese military shows up and demands to arrest the trio. Hee-shin grows concerned when she sees Eon-nyeoni being taken away by the Japanese military.

In the prison cell, Eon-nyeoni tells Yoon that she would have to die because she spared his life even after being paid to kill him. Just then, Ki-ryeong shows up and asks the policemen to leave him alone with a thief who is being questioned. Ki-ryeong asks the thief about the ongoing rumour that he spread regarding the railroad money transport.

The bandit cuts off the man’s tongue in order to stop him from telling the cops. On their way out, Ki-ryeong and Yoon have an argument before the former leaves. Eon-nyeoni teases Yoon and tells him it would be fun if he would show up to steal the money as well.

Ooka’s superior commands him to let Yoon, Eon-nyeoni and Seon-bok go. On their way out, Yoon asks if Eon-nyeoni was there to steal the 200,000 won and the trio have a war of words. Yoon tells him that she will be killed if she stays back, hinting at the fact that Ki-ryeong is a dangerous person.

Eon-nyeoni asks Yoon to take care of his own safety and stop worrying about him. Yoon tells her that they should both do what they are good at, just as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Three episodes in and the show is really interesting. Song of the Bandits has picked up pace after the first, rather slow episode, and it is very entertaining. The scenes where Yoon and Eon-nyeoni face each other is an intriguing taster of what’s to come. I hope to see the future of their relationship as the show progresses.

Yoon clearly has a soft spot for Eon-nyeoni and I wonder if she is his niece or his daughter; the same little girl all grown up from what we saw in episode 1. On the other hand, it looks like Gwang-il has a bad reputation when it comes to being trusted but it looks like he could be a silent supporter of the insurgent army who was secretly helping them. 

One criticism about the show is that it has a lot of things going on at the same time which may make it a little difficult for an average viewer to understand it all in one go. The episodes move across characters who are all in different locations around the area of Manchuria.

With 6 more episodes left, and viewers being finally familiarised with the characters, we can hope for the story to get easier to follow.

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!


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