Somos – Season 1 Episode 4 “A Walk With Wolves” Recap & Review

A Walk With Wolves

Episode 4 of Somos Season 1 begins at the prison. Paquito continues to work in the auto shop but he can sense something is awry. Well, that something happens to be Flor Maria’s dead body taken out the brothel.

The Captain, escorted by his army cronies, shows up at Hector’s place and begins sniffing around. For now, they don’t find anything but when Carlos – the DEA agent in charge of capturing El Diablo – finds out, he’s not happy. Unfortunately this also means hot-blooded Hector is lusting for blood. He rings Diablo but he reveals the damning truth – Gilberto snitched on them all.

Oscar is on the run, shipped across the country and told to walk for a mile and a half through barren farm land that stretches on as far as the eye can see. Well, he follows the instructions and comes upon a stream. Ferrying across to the other side, he prepares for the next stage of his journey.

In the morning, Oscar’s wife Audrey is arrested on the back of the charges against her husband. Unfortunately all the safety deposit boxes are linked back to her. If Oscar doesn’t speak up then it means she’s going to take the fall for this.

Meanwhile, Mrs Chayo heads back to her cart but notices the two crooked cops who arrested Paquito. She remains dead set on figuring out who they are and what they want. Part of that includes getting Wilbur involved in the act. She wants him to figure out who these officers are.

Benjamin heads back to the brothel, intent on meeting Flor Maria. Only, she was obviously killed at the start of this episode. Although he pays his way, it’s clear he liked Maria and decides against having sex with Nayeli out of respect for her.

Last episode, Ronaldo was given instructions not to show up at a scheduled fire with his men, included among them of course is Chema. Well, the call comes in and the guys head out to the fire, defiant in doing their duty.

However, the cartel soon show too and force them all up against the wall. Even worse, they’re beaten down and forced to walk away in their underweared, beaten, bloodied and shamed.

Hector eventually shows up to take Oscar to Allende. With a bag over his head and bundled into the car, Oscar is brought before Cesar. Oscar’s loyalty is tested, with Hector under strict instructions to keep an eye on him.

Now, we haven’t spoken much about Armando and his school woes but there’s a love triangle that’s been brewing for a while with Samuel and Nancy. Samuel is Cesar’s son and Armando is forced to watch him beaten down for sneaking into his Father’s office later that day.

Erika inevitably receives a call though to pick her son up. She also receives a call to collect Chema too, who’s currently in hospital sporting some pretty nasty cuts and bruises. She does just that though, wondering just what’s in store for her family next.

The Episode Review

Tragedy continues to befall those in town as the different characters become ever-more entangled in the cartel’s affairs. Armando stumbling upon Benjamin and his ties with Cesar is certainly surprising though, while Chema and Ronaldo find themselves in a world of trouble when they defy the cartel’s instructions.

Speaking of which, the decision to just nonchalantly kill off characters (albeit off-screen) is a bold one and really helps to reinforce just how ruthless the cartel really are. Hats off to the writers for that decision, it really does work in this show’s favour.

Meanwhile, Oscar is on the run but he ends up right back in Allende. He’s certainly stuck between a rock and a hard place, with it still unclear exactly which side he’ll swing by the end of this series.

For now, the DEA are catching up with this cat and mouse chase, leaving the door left wide open for where this one may go in the coming chapters. One thing’s for sure – this story is far from over.

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