Somos – Season 1 Episode 3 “Tell The Moon To Come” Recap & Review

Tell The Moon To Come

Episode 3 of Somos Season 1 begins with Paquito’s disappearance causing Mrs Chayo and Aracely to worry. For now, the former hands over a wad of cash to get rid of the child she’s carrying. Chayo is obviously expecting the worst and trying to play damage control.

At the ranch Benjamin is offered a new job at the internet cafe by Gerardo. Given he’s in debt and needs cash quickly, Benjamin surprisingly snubs the offer, claiming he can deal with this himself. Well, part of that comes from driving the cartel around.

He’s forced to watch from his car as the owner of a chicken shop is beaten down to a pulp. This comes as a harsh reminder of what will happen to him if he doesn’t pay up.

Benjamin reassures the cartel that he’s going to pay up before being brought to the party. There, he meets up with Flor Maria and encourages her to sit with him. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s father owes them money too and the cartel – namely Hector – encourages him to pay up as an act of good faith.

With little choice, he’s driven out to the farm where he has no choice but to give up the livestock on Isidro’s farm while Hector forces Flor Maria to give him oral.

Elsewhere, Mrs Chayo heads up to see Hector offering her services. She agrees to be his lookout in exchange for helping out Paquito, whom she knows is behind bars. He’s in the Piedras Negras prison and if he doesn’t get some help, it could end badly for him.

It seems to work too, as Paquito is approached by one of the inmates who reveals he’s been promoted to the workshop. He’s also moving to Block A too.

Aracely takes Chayo’s advice and heads up to see Dr Chavez for her abortion. It’s a pretty horrendous operation, with the doctor even telling her to go to the hospital and pretend she fell if she feels sick.

The next day, the DEA start to close in on Hector and his operation. It turns out the truck ferried across the border had over $800,000 tucked away.

Gilberto has caught, held up in custody, while all roads for the authorities to catch the cartel link back to Allende. For now, they’re keeping this quiet. It’s not quiet enough for Hector though, who finds out about his brother.

Their inside man, Diablo, has reassured them it’s not him but can Gilberto hold his nerve? That is tested to its max when the authorities offer him a way out, away from the cartel.

As the DEA do some more digging, they uncover more links to Allende, including phone calls to the prison. The number in question belongs to a Dallas-bound guy whom they believed was a two-bit, low-level operator by the name of Oscar Vasquez. In reality, this is actually the real name for his alias; the infamous El Diablo.

Aracely arrives to see Paquito in prison. Hs charges relate to stealing a car radio and there’s no set trial date yet. All of this has been fabricated of course. Paquito has a job in the auto-shop though, which is some consolation, fitting special compartments on trucks. He doesn’t dive deeper into this but it’s very clear that this prison is closely tied to the cartel.

After trying to escape throughout the episode, Flor Maria’s attempt to flee is squashed. The authorities bring her straight back to the brothel. There, she despairs, realizing there really is no way out for her.

As the episode closes out, Oscar receives a call from Carlos at the DEA. He claims it’s a wrong number but it’s very obvious Diablo’s time is about to run out. He figures this out too, phoning his contacts after and telling them to burn it all. As he takes off, Oscar realizes he’s being followed.

The Episode Review

The DEA are starting to close in on Hector and his cartel cronies now and it’s only as matter of time before they’re caught.

The various subplots in this show continue to revolve around this pressure cooker, with a really nice balance between different personas. All of this feeds into the main story, showing life in Allende and the depths of despair the cartel and its drug empire is bringing to this town.

As we cross the halfway point it seems clear now that the show is going to start ramping up the tension and drama, with the finale clocking in at 75 minutes for an extended period of likely thrills and shocks.

For now, this character-driven drama continues to deliver the goods, with some excellent acting spread across these different storylines. Roll on the next chapter!

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