Somewhere Boy- Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8


What does Danny do after returning home?

In the present timeline, Danny returns to his house. Thereafter, he organizes his home, which has been empty since the tragic event. Much like before, Danny nods off on the couch. Since his test in the real world has produced conflicting results, he seeks the security of familiarity.

What does Aaron talk to Sue about?

Aaron tells Sue the real reason why he wanted Danny gone. He explains how she brought Paul as well as his children into their family unit initially. She subsequently brought Danny home, causing Aaron to grow more and more estranged from her. Sue hugs Aaron and comforts him, reassuring him that nothing can ever change how much she loves him.

What happens on Danny’s 18th birthday?

In the past timeline, on Danny’s 18th birthday, Steve brought a woman home. We learn that the woman is Fran. Fran and Danny got along very well, and he was even pleased to have her in their home. The joy, though, didn’t last long because Fran learned that Steve was deceiving Danny and keeping him at home all the time. She even told Danny before she left that there’s a world beyond what he sees.

When Danny grows terrified and begs Steve to protect Fran from the beasts, Steve opts to go hunting and smears the blood of an animal across his face. When Danny spots Steve doing that, Steve enters and tells Danny about having battled monsters to rescue Fran. When Danny starts to lose interest, Steve abruptly says he’ll be leaving that day.

Steve has come to terms with the fact that he can’t lie to his kid any longer. In Danny’s presence, he admits that he was right about the horrors of the outside world. The first episode’s happenings are replayed later that evening. Steve returns to say goodbye to Danny after making a call to Sue.

Danny is dozing off when Steve enters the room. He motions for Danny to keep his back turned while aiming a weapon at him. Danny doesn’t listen to him and he turns around. He then runs away.

Steve looks for Danny. The teen stumbles over a piece of wood as he marvels at the breathtaking beauty of the starry night sky. Danny does not wish to die. As Steve closes in on him, he manages to take the weapon from Steve. Danny accuses Steve of deceiving him for a long time. Thereafter, Steve begs Danny to kill him. According to Steve, they must break their bond for Danny to be set free.

Steve accuses himself of being a monster for treating Danny so unfairly. He then puts the gun to his neck and provokes Danny to kill him.

Does the season have a happy ending?

In the present timeline, when Aaron looks for Danny, he discovers him strolling by himself. Thereafter, the two of them hug. They get inside the vehicle and head home where Danny will receive comfort and care.

The Episode Review

The final episode packs a punch and completely changes the course of the show. Up until this point, Danny’s dad received a sympathetic portrayal. However, this episode changes the way we look at things. We learn that he initially planned to kill his son. However, a newfound realization enabled him to spare Danny.

Steve’s mood and behavioral shifts have bipolar disorder undertones as he appears sympathetic one moment and apathetic the next. Furthermore, the episode and the show as a whole demonstrate the metaphorical and literal death of a father that is required for a child to grow up.

Aaron takes Danny home as the season comes to an end. These concluding scenes of this compelling show are incredibly moving.

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