Somewhere Boy- Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Somewhere Boy begins in the present timeline when Danny and Aaron arrive home from the party. Aaron is disappointed with Danny for telling Daisy about her father. Additionally, they don’t inform Sue about what unfolded the night before.

In the past timeline, a younger Danny can be seen becoming displeased with his circumstances. He has begun to lose interest in his hermit-like life and wishes to explore a bit more of his surroundings. Since Steve doesn’t like it, he decides to leave Danny alone for the entire day.

Aaron interacts with Ben, his real dad, to talk about temporarily moving in with him. Ben has a family of his own and is hesitant about letting Aaron stay with him.

Sue’s neighbor Siobhan is hosting a brunch celebration that day. Sue makes Aaron go even though he is refusing to attend. Paul uses a work-related reason to stay at the house. After the disaster of the night before, tensions are evidently high. Meanwhile, Sue is concerned as her friends make Danny’s difficulties seem insignificant.

Danny questions Aaron about their bond and whether it still exists after the previous night. Aaron retorts angrily, declaring that everything is over and blaming Danny’s messed-up problems on his unkind dad. In his rage, Danny attacks Aaron and chokes him. However, after realizing what he’s doing, he lets him go.

Paul calls everyone back home as Mark arrives at their home. Thereafter, Mark discloses what the young men did. Danny confronts Mark after he requests to speak with him separately. Mark claims that it happened by accident and that he had no intention to do it. He begs Danny not to pursue this further as he himself is struggling with the event.

After Mark’s revelations, Paul tells Sue that he would like Danny to leave. Even Aaron agrees with Paul. Aaron goes on to tell Sue that Danny is mad and that he needs to leave.

The Episode Review 

The show provides a fine and uplifting viewing experience despite its gloomy themes. Things take a dark turn in this episode, leaving us to wonder where Danny will go now that Aaron and Paul want him gone.

Among the many emotional arcs of the show is the bond between Danny and Aaron, two cousins who happen to be lonely and who yearn for human connection. It will be interesting to see how things develop now that Aaron is clearly pushing Danny away because of his hurt and his anger towards him.

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