Somewhere Boy- Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Somewhere Boy begins in the past timeline. Danny notices a pizza restaurant’s flyer stuck to Steve’s boots and becomes curious about the outdoors. Steve grows furious when Danny won’t listen to him as he says he wishes to go out. Following that, Steve agrees to show Danny self-defence skills.

Sue is informed that Aaron and Danny would like to work as fruit pickers on the side. She is concerned, but Aaron is able to reassure her that they’re safe. Danny can be seen keeping the spade bit hidden in his pocket.

When they get to the Farm, Mark isn’t there, but they run into a girl named Daisy. Aaron tells Danny to behave normally and to not show his true nature before they begin working. Thereafter, Daisy gives them instructions to move a pile of trash toward the spreader.

Sue goes over to meet Vicki, who had previously seen Danny for therapy. Sue expresses her worry about Danny’s condition. She needs assurance that his condition is headed in the right direction and will recover. Thereafter, Sue claims that because Steve turned into a nightmare to deal with, she felt relieved once he left.

In the past timeline, Sue had followed Steve towards the house. However, she was startled after she saw Steve pulling a weapon out of his vehicle. Following this, we come to understand that Danny learned how to use that particular rifle from Steve. To create a target, Steve removes a piece of plywood from one of the fences.

In the present timeline, Danny tells Aaron that he wasn’t confined. He claims he had the option to head out at any point but opted not to. When Aaron claims Steve lied about the monsters, they get into a fight. Danny then turns around and lets the dog run free. Danny moves towards the home. When he discovers Daisy is Mark’s kid, he decides against killing Mark.

When Mark learns that Danny has set the dog free, he puts him in his vehicle and goes looking for it. The dog turned out to be rabid and had killed a couple of Mark’s animals. He had been tied up for the same reason. Thereafter, Mark fires his rifle at the dog.

The Episode Review

We are given more context of the dad’s motivation by means of flashbacks. The tale seems to transcend the realms of reality, but it is based on an inescapable human truth: parents wish to keep their children safe. You never really come to resent Danny’s dad because the show helps us understand him. The show does a great job of conveying his dad’s point of view.

The series has a significant, bold soundtrack, and music is clearly very important to the plot. The ambient music that plays is frequently dissonant and washed out in a retro style. It exudes an intense sense of its unique visual identity, which contributes to the impression that what we are seeing is both simple and unsettling.

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