Somewhere Boy- Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Somewhere Boy episode 2 begins with a look into Danny’s past. In this past timeline, we learn that Steve cherished Danny after losing his partner in a car accident. Danny is unaware of the reality of his mom’s death and he thinks monsters took her far away from him since Steve told him so.

In the present timeline, Danny’s sessions with a therapist have been short, unhelpful, and unprofessional, to the degree of failing to address the root causes of his problems. Following that, we see Paul and Sue clash over the former’s persistence in placing Steve’s corpse in a thin cardboard coffin.

Sue drives Danny to the chapel where Steve’s funeral is going to be held. The Father was not forewarned about the sensitive situation, but Sue realizes her error and informs him about the situation.

During the car drive, we understand that Aaron is having difficulties with his biological dad. They don’t interact much, and because of Paul’s presence around their home, he rarely visits. Danny asks him to look at the relationship in a good way recalling how much he admired Steve.

Danny is having difficulty falling asleep. Thereafter, he sits quietly on Sue and Paul’s bed. Sue swiftly wakes up, makes coffee for him, and plays an old clip from Steve’s wedding. The video shows how ecstatic everybody was before Danny’s mom passed away. Sue attempts to explain that his mom passed away in an accident, but Danny finds it confusing and refuses to accept the fact that Steve occasionally failed to do the right thing for him.

The funeral service doesn’t go exactly how Danny had hoped. Only Angie, an old friend of Steve’s, shows up. Danny is disappointed because he wanted people to share Steve’s personal stories in honor of Steve’s life. Sue tries to persuade Angie to share a tale about Steve. Angie, on the other hand, tells a tale about a disastrous dinner date. Thereafter, Danny pays attention when Angie brings up the hit-and-run.

Danny gets upset and he goes out of the house. Aaron goes after Danny to comfort him. Danny then questions Aaron on the precise meaning of the term hit-and-run. Aaron goes on to explain it to him. Danny then concludes that his mother’s killer is a monster.

The Episode Review

The show gives us the slow-burn pleasure of a great thriller. Danny finds out a little bit more regarding the past in this episode, though he dismisses some of it.

When Steve tells himself and Danny tales to maintain the delusion, we’re shown flashbacks to Danny’s lonely upbringing. We also witness it in Danny’s recurring nightmares, which are painted with painterly horror and feature a monster that has come to life. We see the monster stalk Danny’s already gloomy world.

Danny used to find solace in watching movies with rosy endings as well as listening to old jazz music. Danny’s favorite forms of entertainment are expertly introduced to us in the show.

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