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Take Aim

After the incident at the cinema, episode 2 of Someone Has To Die begins with Lazaro returns home and finding himself alone with Mina. There’s definitely some sexual chemistry between them but for now, the pair restrain themselves.

In the morning, Gabino swallows his pride and prepares to meet Cayetana’s Mother, Belen. On the way there though, he has cold feet and changes his mind. This leaves Mina all alone to try and convince Belen to keep the marriage going ahead.

She’s pretty cold toward her though and believes Gabino is only going to waste Cayetana’s time. She obviously doesn’t want that for her daughter, leaving things at a bit of a stale-mate.

Back home, a flustered Mina tries to find Gabino but runs into Lazaro instead. He takes her hand and encourages her to dance.

Rosario meanwhile delivers a tray of tea to Madam Amparo’s room and the two get talking. Specifically, they discuss Amparo’s deceased husband and what the future holds for them both.

Encouraging her to pray, they kneel together and say grace. Only, Rosario is none too enthused by this and continues to act coldly toward Mina afterwards.

The Falcon family secrets come spilling out. Mina’s attempts to gain a stamp approval for Rosario is uncovered by Madam Amparo. She confronts Mina about it but she has her number. Gabino has revealed all about the “accident” in the past and she threatens to tell Gregorio if Amparo opens her mouth.

While this is going on, Cayetana arrives at the house, en-route to the fair. With Gabino outside shooting pigeons, she invites Lazaro along with her instead.

The pair play the various games, with Cayetana revealing herself to be a pretty good shot too. She wins herself a teddy bear and hands it over to Lazaro. Despite having a good time together, Cayetana is convinced there’s more to Lazaro and Gabino than meets the eye.

This unfortunately gets back to Gregorio who’s none too happy about his career prospects coming under fire because of his son. He refuses to acknowledge that Gabino is gay and slams his fist down on the table, ending the conversation with Santos rather abruptly.

Determined to make an example of his son, Gregorio invites Gabino along to one of his detention centers. There, he witnesses exactly what his father has been doing. It’s heinous and torturous, with this man forced to eat live cockroaches and rice in exchange for names of his “friends.”

Meanwhile, Cayetana tests Lazaro by enticing him with a gorgeous woman. Following her into the room, Cayetana then reveals herself. She tries to kiss him but he’s having none of it. “I’m not a nancy boy,” He proclaims, and proceeds to tell her he wants to be with a woman not a girl like her. Oof!

After Gabino’s antics, he’s blindsides by Alonso at the pigeon tournament and told to leave the country. The result of this sees Gabino smack the boy in a fit of rage before he’s kicked out the club.

With nowhere else to turn, he vents to Lazaro and apologises for trying to kiss him. As they agree to be friends, in the distance Alonso and Cayetana scheme together, with the latter convinced that this hug they’re watching is a sign of their homosexuality.

Back inside, Gabino is approached by Amparo where it’s clear there’s no love lost between them. Gabino tells her he lived in fear because of her but she doesn’t seem too phased.

While their conversation turns heated, Lazaro finds Mina by the swimming pool and the pair start kissing. Unfortunately, on the back of this he’s taken away by Alonso’s buddies.

Believing him to be gay, it turns out Gabino is also there tied up and smacked numerous times by Alonso. Forced to dance for him, Alonso eventually snaps and begins beating Lazaro down to a pulp .While Gabino is taken home, Lazaro helps nurse the cuts across his face.

While this takes place, Gregorio is put in a tough position by Santo, forced to deal with his Gabino situation. Rosario meanwhile is blackmailed by Amparo who rips up the stamped certificate in front of her and threatens to tell Gregorio everything unless she works with her.

As everything builds up to a big crescendo at the end, Mina helps Lazaro and Gabino escape. They head to the train station but as Gregorio catches wind of this, he quickly grabs the phone to ring through to the police.

Mina meanwhile struggles to find the certificate, which Amparo has, of course, ripped up and thrown away.

The Episode Review

While the period drama elements are quite good, the various establishing shots between scenes are a little strange and a weird stylistic choice. Perhaps the only good use of the spotlighted establishing shot is that of Alonso and Lazaro dancing. Beyond that though, it doesn’t add an awful lot to the series.

The scene featuring the cockroaches was particularly difficult to watch here though and alongside the beating, really typify the attitudes of people back in the 1950’s toward homosexuality.

The drama is quite good though and the costume work is decent too. The ensemble collected for this drama all have enough depth to carry this one and everything looks set to explode into a big, messy dose of drama at the end.

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