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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Episode 4 of Somebody starts with Yun-o finally replying to Kim Sum’s message five days after she texted him on the Somebody dating app. He apologises for the late response and invites her for dinner and a drive the next evening. She also gets a message from Agape the guy with the Asperger’s profile. He asks her to bring the book she wanted to lend to him. They plan to meet the next evening as well and exchange the book.

She first meets with Agape at some dark-lit corner of the street. He forces her into an unfinished building and tries to rape her. She manages to fight him off and tries to escape but keeps getting lost in the building. He keeps chasing her around the building and corners her in one of the toilets. She fights back and in the struggle, she uses the razor Yun-o gave her to slit his throat.

She stands watch as he slowly and painfully struggles to breathe. His friends see what she did to their friend and they run.  Apparently, they were under the impression that she invited them there. She calls the police and reschedules her date with Yun-o and offers to treat him to a meal instead.

She gets a lawyer who helps to handle the case with the police and the traumatic event stirs up some disturbing childhood memories with her mom. She goes home and tells the original chatbox she first made as a teenager about the ordeal. She admits to it that she killed a man and felt euphoric about it.

The next day she reports to work and her workers are shocked. One of them asks her to consider resting but she says she needs to follow her routine. She can only rest when it is scheduled. They are also shocked she put candy in the happy box at the office.

Jung visits her at her office and informs her that the police are requesting access to the user’s information in relation to the killing of Agape. Jung doesn’t want to disclose the information to the police. She offers the number of the real leader of the gang to Kim Sum but she declines the offer. She wants to find them by herself and Jung thinks that means she is okay.

After Jung leaves her office, she receives a message from Yun-o asking her about their dinner plans. She apologizes and tells him that she has not been feeling at ease. He immediately calls her through the app and she tells him that she is looking for people. He is curious why she is looking for these people. She flatly explains that she wants to kill them as she hates them so much. He tells her that he is willing to help her and offers to visit her immediately. She says she is busy but she will try and reschedule their date.

She gets a call from Young Gi-Eun and she tells her that she found the information on the man who left her for dead in the middle of nowhere. She immediately heads over to Young Gi-Eun’s house and asks Mok-won to help her find someone as well. Mok-won tells her that they only found Young Gi-Eun’s abuser by chance. She paid for a lookout at the swimming pool they visited on their date.

Young Gi-Eun is curious why Kim Sum is interested in someone. Kim Sum tells them that she is looking for the gang of men who lured her and tried to rape her. They are surprised that Kim Sum is unable to get the user’s information. She explains it is not available to her even though she created the app. They devise a plan on how to lure their attackers and kill them.

After they leave, Young Gi-Eun’s place, Kim Sum asks to speak to Mok-won about her job as a shaman. She is curious about how it works and wants Mok-won to sense something for her. She wants Mok-won to expel the “monster “ in her. Mok-won tells her she senses an evil spirit in her and asks her to leave the blade she is carrying behind. Kim Sum refuses to part with her blade and leaves.

She later receives a message from Yun-o asking if she found the person she was looking for. He also shares his number and asks her to call. She calls him and he seems worried about her as he has seen her case on the news. She tells him that she has not made any progress and asks to meet.

They meet and she tells him about the incident. She tells him she was scared and still has problems sleeping at night. He says he should leave but Kim Sum says he can chat with her AI friend before he leaves. The AI tells him about Kim Sum feeling euphoric after killing someone and he shares his desire to sleep and murder people with Kim Sum. He deletes this after he types but the computer is programmed to remember everything.

The next day, the police visit Yun-o at his office to ask about the disappearance of Na-eun. He tells them that he shared a meal with her before she left to see Professor Min, her lover. The police visit Professor Min to question him as well.  The police come back to interrogate Yun-o about the Silo where Professor Min said he was lured and tortured. Yun-o tells them he visited the Silo as he was curious and saw a human earlobe. The police believe that Professor Min is lying and Na-eun might be alive.

The episode ends with a human female leg hanging out from a hole in the silo and slowly dripping blood.

The Episode Review

Kim Sum’s blood thirst was awakened once she slit that man’s throat and watched him slowly bleed to death. She enjoyed it and she is looking to relive that moment again. She must know that Yun-o is dangerous as she told him about her plans to kill the rest of the gang. I wonder why she didn’t reveal the rest to him, is she scared he will run away?

The police in this show seem to be quite clueless about a few things. Why would they let Kim Sum keep the blade she used to kill a man? Shouldn’t they have collected it as the murder weapon and bagged it as evidence?

It will be interesting to see how it will play out once Young Gi-Eun finds her abuser who she vows she wants to kill.  Will Kim Sum help her kill the man she is infatuated with?

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