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Episode 3 of Somebody starts with a flashback of what happened during Yeong Gi-eun’s date. She arrived at the place he picked for their date to find Yun-o in a wheelchair in an empty pool. He soon tells her that he lied about being disabled and stands up from his wheelchair. Yeong Gi-eun gets scared and tries to make a run for it but Yun-o calms her down saying he was just curious about her.

Yeong Gi-eun calms down and she allows him to carry her and they play pretend that they are swimming. Yeong Gi-eun makes the first move to kiss him and they have consensual sex. After the sex, he leaves her alone in the deserted forest area and takes her phone and wheelchair with him. This forces c to crawl up the hill to her car.

Once she gets to her car she tries to drive but it is difficult for her without the help of her wheelchair. She hits the side of the hill and her car gets stuck. This sadly leaves her no option but to crawl to the main road where she gets help from a taxi which drops her off at Mok-won’s place.

Mok-won questions Yeong Gi-eun about what happened to her but she refuses to tell her. She uses Mok-wons phone to call her phone and a strange woman picks up. She says a stranger left the phone at her restaurant and asks Yeong Gi-eun to pick it up in a few days as she is leaving for a trip.

She also uses Mok-won’s phone to check for the profile of her abuser on the Somebody dating app but it has already been deactivated. Mok-won asks her to go and report him at the station but she refuses as she is feeling embarrassed about what happened to her. Mok-won asks her to call Kim Sum.

Kim Sum is still despondent about not hearing back from Yun-o who is busy at work pretending to be a normal human being. She tries going on the Somebody app to connect with someone new. She is intrigued by a profile by the name Asperger but is distracted by the multiple calls she keeps ignoring from Mok-won. Finally Mok-won texts her explaining she is a friend of Yeong Gi-eun and invites her to her place.

Kim Sum visits her immediately and speaks to Yeong Gi-eun who asks her to help her identify a user on the Somebody dating app.  Kim Sum denies this request at first but Yeong Gi-eun explains that she was almost killed. Kim Sum says she can’t give out any users’ personal information so Yeong Gi-eun says that she will handle it on her own. Before leaving, Mok-won who is a shaman tells Kim Sum that she needs to meet with Yeong Gi-eun again.

Kim Sum goes to visit Yeong Gi-eun at her home this time around and is shocked at how the place has changed. Mok-won also comes to the meeting and tries to mediate between the two old friends. They eat and share a meal and Kim Sum asks her about her dating ordeal. Kim Sum is more curious about the sex she had with the stranger and Yeong Gi-eun is happy to give her all the details but she lies about everything.

Kim Sum is excited about making up with Yeong Gi-eun and meeting someone with Asperger’s on Somebody’s dating app. They exchange messages on the app and she even offers to lend him a book.

Mok-won goes to collect Yeong Gi-eun’s phone from the restaurant and tries to get more information about the man who left the phone there. The restaurant owner is not forthcoming with any information. Mok-won devises a plan to find out more and promises to visit the restaurant more. She also hires a man to be a lookout for Yun-o at the restaurant.

Later that night, Yun-o visits the restaurant and the man who works for Mok-won alerts her and sends a photo but unfortunately it is not clear enough. Mok-won asks him to take a better photo but he is spotted by Yun-o who chases him down the ally and captures him.

He takes the man’s phone and calls Mok-won and informs her that he has taken the man and mocks her saying he will be her new lookout.

The Episode Review

Yeong Gi-eun is lucky to be alive given what Yun-o has done to other victims. We still don’t know why he chose not to kill her. Did he underestimate her will to live and survive?

Yeong Gi-eun lying about her experience with Yun-o to Kim Sum was sad. It seems like she thinks Kim Sum can’t handle the reality of the situation. Maybe she is protecting her from the gruesome details as she sees her as innocent.

For a shaman, Mok-won truly underestimated Yun-o – didn’t the General warn her? She probably got that man killed.

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