Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Mind Games

Episode 2 of Somebody starts with Yun-o giving a presentation at work about a silo project. He works in an architecture company named TSC. His work life is not as fulfilling as he would like it to be, mostly because his boss is against his ideas for a project.

Later at night, he strikes up a conversation with a lady he matched with on the dating app. The bond over their love for fireworks. Their conversation goes so well that they end up doing a video call. It turns out they work in the same business. She was also present during his presentation earlier that day.

They meet each other for a couple of drinks that same night.  During their date, the lady keeps receiving calls from her ex-lover and it turns out they work in the same business. She was also present during his presentation earlier that day.

As they drink, the lady, Na-eun opens up about her frustration with her ex-lover who also happens to be her boss. She also tells him what her boss said about his presentation and he didn’t have any nice things to say. Hearing his work being berated, annoys and hurts Yun-o’s ego. Na-eun gets wanted and Yun-o uses this opportunity to take her phone and invite her boss over to the silo. Once he gets there, he brutally tortures him.

The next day, Kim Sum texts him on the app asking if he is busy. He doesn’t respond which leaves her feeling a bit despondent.

Elsewhere, another lady who is a cop, Yeong Gi-eun gets on the app and started with a man on the dating app. They bond over the fact that they both use wheelchairs and they make plans to meet on the coming weekend.

Another lady, Mok-won makes a connection at the bar with another lady but they only have a few drinks.

On the weekend, Yeong Gi-eun gets ready for her date with the man she vibed with on the dating app. She drives to the location her date picked and it is a secluded place but she doesn’t think much of it. Her friend, Mok-won tries to reach her on the phone but she is unable to get through to her. This makes Mok-won worried as it is unlike Yeong Gi-eun not to reply or pick up her phone.

Later, Yun-o goes through the phone of his victims and he is surprisingly in a wheelchair. He also has Yeong Gi-eun’s phone. He picks up her phone when Mok-won calls Yeong Gi-eun and he tells her that he picked up the phone at a restaurant. He offers to leave the phone at the restaurant and send her the location before hanging up quickly. Unperturbed, he carries on responding to other users on the dating app.

At the end of the episode,  Yeong Gi-eun crawls up the hill where she was meeting her online date. She looks bruised but is determined to get back the man who hurt her.

The Episode Review

It is unnerving how Yun-o seamlessly goes on about his day, murdering people without an ounce of remorse. He seems to have mastered the art of appearing mysterious and yet approachable to the people he interacts with online.

Surprisingly, he didn’t kill Yeong Gi-eun, is it because he knew she is a police officer or a friend of Kim Sum?  It can also be for the thrill of playing and toying with the authorities!

He also didn’t respond to Kim Sum when she texted him. Is this a plan to lure her further into his sadistic and dangerous web? Or is he scared that she might quickly find out what he does?

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  1. This episode review is shit, you missed out on covering the entire wheelchair date and where he stands up because he doesn’t need the wheelchair. You guys suck!

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