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One Truth
Eye For An I


Blending elements of psychedelic bass, Middle Eastern beats and a variety of different worldly influences, Solstice is a confidently written and tightly produced album. Although this EP only has 6 tracks to digest, there’s enough to like about this one to check out more of Savej’s discography when you’re done listening.

The album begins with ‘Solstice’, a track that builds up slowly with a lovely blend of lutes, echoing chants and a simple but effect bass drive. This leans nicely into ‘One Truth’ which shakes off the sticky sun of the Middle East for a much more driven Asian flavour.

The flutes are still here but much more prominent and even build into an electronica-infused synth partway through. This is joined by some lovely vocals that play on ideas of spirituality – a common theme throughout Solstice.

‘Eye For An I’ combines elements from the opening two tracks but does feel like a bridge for one of the best songs on the album, ‘Sirens’. True to the nature of this title, ‘Sirens’ uses a variety of interesting vocal techniques and sonic effects. At the same time it also teases the same drum beats we’ve seen so much of in this album.¬†

‘Equinox’ is another stand-out here too, feeling much more driven and in-your-face with some gorgeous jazz instruments and a melodic bass-line. This eventually teases more of those familiar throat-singing samples heard across the album. The EP eventually bows out with ‘Vilca’, which eases you out this chilled state of mind.

Solstice is one of those albums that’s absolutely perfect for studying. For review purposes I listened to this three times (as I do with almost every album review written) and ended up getting a fair amount of work done without distraction. That’s to take nothing away from the throat-singing and compositional techniques here though, which are both great across the album.

As an added bonus, almost every track clocks in at 4 minutes 32 seconds which is also a nod toward Savej’s flutes, which have been tuned to 432hz. It’s a small touch but one that gives the album a little more shine than it otherwise would have.

As a relaxing, spiritually enlightening journey into the world of psychedelic bass, this one is definitely worth checking out. While it’s unlikely to be something you’ll focus on intently and grip you from start to finish, as an accompanying background piece,¬†this one is well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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