Solence – Hope Is A Cult | Album Review

Track Listing 

Rain Down
Best For You
Hope Is A Cult
Better This Way
Nublood (Feat. Fame On Fire)
Life Goes On
A New Hope
Blood Sweat Tears


Misery is a mainstay on this album by progressive band Solence, and the act tries to silence the vultures that cut into their minds. This record is massive and well rounded, depicting times when this outfit slump into chaos and when their lives are put under immense pressure. Often we hear bands scream about the state of their world, the mishaps and the hardships, and it can come off a little hyperbolic but these guys tell the truth.

Hope Is A Cult is a collection of songs powered by incredible instrumentals and story driven lyricism, which bed in well with those intense vocals. Peace has no place here either, and the act looks for love in the darkest of places. Solid in its foundations, the album has so much going for it, though some might be put off by the themes.

These themes are directed at torn memories, sadness and the beauty that has been battered to a pulp. Solence hates the silence too. They want to be heard through songs that can guide the passengers who choose to listen on.

‘Rain Down’ opens the record with bashful instrumentals and an electrifying atmosphere. The riff is edgy, pleasing and original. The band commits to rage, and the chorus explains why the band is hurting.

‘Antidote’ starts slowly by comparison, with the vocals coming in with subtle intentions, and the chorus doesn’t put the song under any strain but augments it brilliantly. Lyrically, the man in the frame is drowning.

‘Better This Way’ pulses with melody, rightfully pushing the instrumentals to the forefront. Again, the band shows their writing chops while ‘Endless’ is a grungy affair, orchestrated fearlessly, and the act describes being lost in a bottle. This track is a definite highlight, pushing the band’s musical abilities.

Solence takes on the world with Hope Is A Cult and their music has the power to change perceptions.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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