So Help Me Todd – Season 2 Episode 8 “P.I.’s Wide Shut” Recap & Review

P.I.’s Wide Shut

In Episode 8 of So Help Me Todd Season 2, Margaret and Susan’s “rivalry” is reaching its peak. In a court case where the firm is representing Coach Tom in a civil suit, one of his students, a tennis teen sensation Nicole, is accusing him of drugging her with performance-enhancing drugs. Tom resists any wrongdoing but has a chequered past with a doping case while living in Germany. Susan doesn’t disclose to Margaret that Tom had earlier confided in her about this case, making her quite angry. 

The two have a tussle as Todd tries to play the peacemaker. Margaret thinks of a new tactic to turn the tide in Tom’s favour by giving the jury an alternate suspect. Susan expresses her frustrations at the situation she finds herself in. She bemoans Margaret’s lack of transparency in not revealing the firm’s financial state and what it means for her own career. Lyle overhears Todd talking about him in the office and it seems like he has had enough.

Gus makes a sudden appearance at the office, but Margaret convinces him to postpone their long-due dinner date. In a carefully thought out plan, Lyle drops a red envelope for Todd to find out that Lyle is helping the other side. It is a trap but Todd falls for it. However, Todd also finds a way to get back at Lyle by making him think Todd is dead. It sounds ridiculous but an appropriate move! Their back and forth continues throughout the episode.

Susan and Margaret work on the case together by deposing Nicole, who is relentless in her snarky remarks. Her “Gen Z” attitude overload is not a pleasant sight but the veteran still manages to keep her composure and work through it. After the session, Margaret is convinced that Nicole is telling the truth. She might be very arrogant and dismissive, but her story and facts are straight.

To find out more about other alternative means, Margaret visits another coach at the academy with Todd. She tries to dupe him into accepting he gave Nicole the PEDs but her assumption is wrong. Todd sees a suspicious person keeping Nicole’s files in the office at the academy after tampering with them. However, he is too late to make a move as the office door is locked. 

Todd and Lyle’s prank war becomes problematic when the former learns a secret about Alex, Lyle’s girlfriend. While on a date with Judy, Todd overhears people singing Happy Birthday on the other table for Mable. When he turns around, he sees Alex and is now confused about her true identity. Todd approaches Lyle to tell him the truth. But given their recent tug-of-war, Lyle doesn’t believe him.

Margaret, who had earlier denied Todd permission to break into the office at the academy, does so herself. She is convinced that Nicole’s parents did not give her all case files during discovery and she must take the matter into her own hands. Gus helps break down the locked door and Margaret strikes gold.

In a discussion with Allison and Susan, Margaret learns that Nicole had been taking PEDs even before her training. The buck lands on her parents who intentionally drugged her to make her a teen sensation. Lyle comes to terms with Todd’s revelations after he finds out Alex has been lying to him about everything. The duo join forces to begin an investigation into her past, which uncovers some shady details. 

Lyle and Todd set up a trap for Alex by adding a new dummy computer to see if she breaks into it. And she takes the bait. Susan and Margaret finally bury their hatchet after working together to win the case. Margaret also warns Susan about Beverly’s airy promises going forward.

The episode ends on a nerve-wracking note as Alex reveals she actually works for the FBI and her real name is Agent Josephs when Todd and Lyle catch her in the act.

The Episode Review

It is such a pity that CBS is cancelling the show. Season 2 has been such a roller coaster ride with new plot twists and throwbacks to old story threads. And as Episode 8 showcases, the character development of Margaret and Todd has also taken a more mature form.

The episode is all about settling grudges and ongoing rivalries. The separate pairs of Margaret & Susan, and Todd & Lyle are forced to work together to only realize that they want the best for each other.

Due to the prank wars, there are a lot of hilarious one-offs that keep the rhythm of the episode intact. It moves at a great pace and segues into what could be an even more exciting end to the show. The final two episodes are slated to end So Help Me Todd on a high; a happy ending it thoroughly deserves. 

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