So Help Me Todd – Season 1 Episode 21 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Are You There Todd? It’s Me, Margaret

What is the central legal case?

At the 47th Annual Waterfront Parade, McBarton’s Beer Company’s float malfunctions and crashes into the spectators. As opposed to convention, Margaret is representing the spectators in a class action suit. But she cannot get the settlement offer signed at the arbitration conference. She asks Todd to inform Susan to go, but she’s preoccupied with a merger and Beverly is also indisposed. Hence, the responsibility falls on Todd’s shoulders.

All he has to do is take the file and get the arbitrator’s signature on the settlement papers. Heading upstairs in the lift, Todd overhears something dubious.

What is “Crimson Monday?”

The two ladies are opposition lawyers. They boast getting a laughable settlement from Margaret as she does not know about Crimson Monday. Todd acts on his instincts and rejects the settlement. He also declares himself to be the plaintiffs’ representative.

When he mentions this to Margaret, she silently gets up from her bed and goes to the office in her night clothes. After going through the file and some legal material, she pops a bottle of champagne.

She says she knew McBarton’s was hiding something and now they have three days to investigate. Also, Todd is the plaintiff’s representative now and that cannot be changed. Todd cannot lie to the plaintiffs but has to stall them faithfully. Margaret will do the investigating; a fitting role reversal!

Who was actually behind the malfunctioning?

Lyle discovers that ELBI, a giant corporation, had acquired McBarton’s two weeks before the parade. The small mom-and-pop operation is its subsidiary. Only one lawyer has claimed a large settlement by suing one of ELBI’s subsidiaries – Gus Easton. Margaret renews her acquaintance with him. The central question is: “How to pierce the corporate veil and make ELBI responsible to enlarge the settlement amount?”

It must be shown that ELBI had direct control of one of McBarton’s assets. Gus suggests they target ELBI’s employees as the executives won’t talk. Margaret and Gus have a fight when Gus asks for an apology and she leaves angrily.

What’s up with Allison?

Allison is depressed after announcing her divorce to Chuck. She is staying with Margaret but is having trouble coping with the new reality. Throughout the episode, she is seen to be trudging along in a hoodie, all sappy and quiet. Her divorce is finalized when Susan gives her the papers and Margaret her divorce papers at the same time in the office.

Susan also gets panicky after giving them the papers. Francey calms her down and asks if she really loves and wants to marry Peter. Susan says yes but in reality, she isn’t certain it is the right decision.

How do Todd and Margaret figure out the real culprits?

Todd talks to Teresa, the floor manager who opposed the unionization at McBarton’s. He is at a speed dating event, where he meets Allison. She inadvertently reveals to Teresa about Todd’s real identity and she shuts up, not before telling Todd she has bought a new boat. But how did she afford it?

Lyle tells Todd that the union papers were never filed, which is why it was never registered. Billy P, who was driving the float, was the union leader and was exposed to carbon monoxide in the float which led to the spectators getting hurt.

Someone tried to kill her. Jane, the old woman with a broken wrist, fires Margaret and Todd when she learns what Todd did. The opposition has further reduced their settlement in half and the final arbitration meeting is that night.

So Help Me Todd  Season 1 Episode 21 Ending Explained

Margaret goes for drinks with Gus and drops her phone in beer. She and Gus process unresolved feelings with each other while playing darts and they finally kiss, when Gus suggests Margaret is purposely trying to sabotage their relationship because she is scared.

Todd calls Margaret and the mother-son duo realize at the time that ELBI was trying to thwart the union before completing their acquisition of McBarton’s. They acted through Teresa to sabotage the unionization by injuring Billy P. ELBI rewarded Teresa with a boat in return.

Before Margaret can tell Todd how to proceed as the attorney in the case, Gus’ phone battery dies. Margaret runs to the conference but cannot reach in time. Todd has left a phone with the receptionist and Margaret is finally “in his ear.”

She guides Todd on how to get to the truth, asking him to build up Teresa’s ego first and then throw her off. Todd does exactly that and Teresa accepts the truth.

She confesses that “the spectators weren’t supposed to get hurt” and she accepted money to stop the union for ELBI. The settlement is now to be renegotiated and everything turns out well!

How does Season 1 end?

Todd and Margaret reach the office. The mother is finally proud of her son and how far he has come since episode 1. Francey reveals to Todd he has finally got his PI license back! He can now start an independent practice. When he asks about Susan, Francey says she has gone to Vegas with Peter to get married. Francey also advises Todd to leave her alone.

Beverly tries to reprimand Margaret for jeopardising the firm’s reputation with her latest antics, but this time, Margaret fights back and says that she has had enough. She will start her own company and quit the firm.

Beverly said this was a test and Margaret’s pushing back has gotten her a named partnership. Margaret’s dream is finally fulfilled! Todd promises Margaret he will not dive into starting a firm abandoning a regular paycheck. She is proud and heads back home, while Todd decides if he wants to go to the air[port or not.

Allison gets a makeover to start her new life and let go of her problems. Margaret is shocked to find Henry at her apartment, sobbing and saying, “Iceland was horrible.” We have no idea if Todd actually went to stop Susan from leaving and what Margaret does next, setting things up nicely for episode 1 of Season 2 to drop!

The Episode Review

What a spectacular finale to wrap up season 1 of So Help Me Todd! The writers and actors have nailed pretty much everything about it. Right from the central legal case to character arcs running from episode 1, we have closure about many things. Since the show is coming back for season 2, it is perfectly set up with that cliffhanger of an ending.

The role reversal was a clever touch to highlight Margaret and Todd’s cheerful partnership. Todd’s arc was very well handled and bit by bit, he has finally changed as a person. His proverbial mic drop at the conference encapsulated the swagger of his life situation.

Allison also wants to start afresh and leave behind her troubles. It will be interesting to see what happens to her in the next season. Henry’s explosive return is also set to disrupt things between Gus and Margaret. It will be a new dynamic to So Help Me Todd and we simply cannot wait for the next season!

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  1. It’s a harmless enough show, but there’s very little to recommend beyond the charms of its two leads. The supporting cast is saddled with thin characters who lack nuance, and many of the guest stars each week are woeful (this week that would be the hammy defense lawyers and Leslie Silva’s one-note Beverly), so the rest of the appeal is in the silly plots which are all over the place.

    Harden and Astin are enough fun to carry things, but they deserve a better vehicle than this.

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