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So Help Me Todd – Season 1 Episode 9 “Swipe Wright” Recap & Review

Swipe Wright

Jane breaks into the offices of PDtronix, an up-and-coming technology company, with a knife. Allison and Chuck are going away to Maui for the week so they will not be involved in cracking the case in episode 9. Beaman, one of the partners at Margaret’s firm, had a skiing accident and Margaret has to take over. In an interesting twist, she has to take over for PDtronix and not Jane. She has filed a motion for wrongful termination and Margaret is surprised to find Gus Easton as her attorney.

Graham Tate, the CEO of the company, informs Margaret that Jane Lin was a co-founder with him. Six months ago, he had to fire her as she became a problem at the workplace. This was just before the launch of their super successful dating app, Unexpected Flame and now she wants a share of the profits. Easton put forward her demand as $360 million, the amount she would have gotten if she were still a part of the company. Jane claims that she was the one who wrote the code for the software and it was stolen from her.

Margaret instructs Todd, who is just a week away from getting his license back, to talk with Jane off the record. He goes in as Kevin, a cosmetologist, and bumps into Jane. They have coffee together, over which Jane informs Todd that she pitched the idea for the app 2 years ago but it was shouted off. She worked in secret at home and broke the code on her birthday, March 12. But Mason, the Head of Digital Marketing and PR at PDtronix, ruined it all and even harassed her after she broke up with him.

Francey creates a dating profile for Margaret to get herself out in the dating world. She cannot keep waiting for Harry for eternity. It is implied that she and Gus might enter into a romantic entanglement but we will have to wait and see. For now, the task is to crack the case. Todd poses as a janitor and goes to PDtronix’s offices. They’re celebrating as the app has hit a million downloads and they are already lining up their next big deal. Todd follows Mason, who secretly shreds a file just before the hearing starts, making Todd suspicious.

Margaret does not plan to do anything with this new information as it will go against her client. Lyle records a video of Jane outside Graham’s home, in a drunken state and hollering about getting wrongfully fired. While surfing the app, Margaret spots a woman who looks like Allison and is convinced because of the sweater she is wearing. When Todd refuses to break into Allison’s house at Margaret’s command, she herself takes up the mantle to do it and Todd cannot leave her alone (and she knows it).

Allison is alerted via her security system but only knows that Todd is there in the house. They search for it under the guise of pipe leakage. Margaret keeps complaining about everything new that Allison has decorated her house with, giving Todd the time to hide the sweater and not rat Allison out to Margaret. Lyle, meanwhile, has pieced the shreds and it is some form of a code. The date stamp is March 12 and Jane was right all along.

Mason used “FamOnTheWall”, another app to keep track of employees 24×7, to steal the documents. Margaret still refuses to divulge this but Jane throws her case away after uploading a video of herself admitting that PDtronix is not at fault. Todd comes clean about his identity when he bumps into Jane on the way to the conference room at the firm. Todd follows Jane to PDtronix and discovers that she has been arrested. She claims it was a deep fake and Tod is convinced. Margaret hatches a plan to use Mason’s plan against him.

Todd feeds words to Margaret that she forces out of Mason somehow in court during cross-examination. They record a message in Mason’s voice to confess to stealing the code. In the judge’s chambers, Graham forces Mason to turn over his company phone and the truth comes out. Mason is fired and Jane is off the hook, reinstated with full benefits.

Despite learning that the sweater is Allison’s, Margaret realizes she is too overbearing and backs off. When Allisson comes back, Todd confronts her and she opens up about the issue. She feels suffocated that her entire life is designed by Margaret and she cannot take decisions on her own.

She needed a taste of freedom and loves Chuck. Todd comforts her and promises not to tell anything to Chuck. But he asks her to delete the app and in the next scene, we see she decides not to delete it, signaling that she is indeed unhappy. Margaret too has not deleted the app and is ready to get back into the dating world, matching Gus on the app, and sliding her wedding ring off.

The Episode Review

Raise your hand if you liked the role reversal in this episode. I certainly enjoyed that the Wrights had to work their way from the back to the front to reach the truth rather than purely looking out for their client.

Another addition to the sensible themes in season 1 is the dating app added here. It was heartwarming to see Margaret moving on from Harry, something that has not been talked about enough, and embracing a new life. Allison, the perfect child, is on the cusp of breaking free and messing up her mother’s immaculate impression. Will she leave Chuck, even though “he is perfect for her”, according to Margaret? We will see.

Episode 9 might be the last of So Help Me Todd we see this year. If that is the case, then the CBS original has certainly left a positive impression on us.

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  1. Nice review! The show keeps throwing out random family drama and the progression is jumpy, but the actors are enjoyable and it is overall fun. I like the Gus character and hope he is involved more.

    Some parts were a bit too silly such as getting the guy to say those particular words on the stand. They have rehearsals for their witnesses and would have had plenty of opportunity to get him to say those words in a more natural way. The random “cosmetology” remark was silly too. A trained PI should always have an excuse pre-planned before entering into those type of situations. Not allowing your brother to shower in your house when he has already been doing so seems very weird. But what to expect from someone making excuses to low-key cheat. Shameful. Don’t make vows or babies with people if your parental trauma is still affecting your decisions. #LIFELESSON

    Do people actually have “smart” security systems that are audio only? That seems pointless. Might as well have a regular alarm system.

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