So Help Me Todd – Season 1 Episode 3 “Second Second Chance” Recap & Review

Second Second Chance

Todd attends a reunion party of their schoolmates at the start of So Help Me Todd episode 3. He runs into an old friend, Bryan there. The two share a similar condition in life vis-à-vis their careers and professional growth.

Bryan comes around to mention a current problem with one of the cases for trespassing. He fears he might go to jail but Todd promises him he will convince his mother to fight it for him. Todd’s emotional connection comes by the virtue of helping someone out like him looking to get back on his feet after making a mistake. And also, because he was his best buddy in school.

Margaret is not willing to go in for an appearance. She thinks people never change and remembers Bryan as a notorious boy who would occasionally steal money from her purse. While shopping, she runs into her old friends. They ask her about Henry, who has suddenly fallen off the radar and is not hanging out with their husbands anymore. Casually, they repeat the same thing Margaret did to Todd when he mentioned Bryan. This prompts her to take his case and she shows her expertise when she strikes a plea deal with the prosecutor for no jail time. A few nights later, she catches Bryan’s arrest on television for robbing the AAA Pawnshop. He also names her as his lawyer on national television. Bryan pleads innocence but the evidence is overwhelmingly against him.

Margaret has lost all hope and says that she will not be representing him because he is guilty and there is nothing she can do about it. Todd, in his usual style, takes it upon himself to solve the case and help his friend out. He takes Susan under the impression that Margaret authorized the visit to the pawn shop. Once there, he pretends to be a married couple and tells the owner that he wants to pawn her engagement ring. Susan plays along and they get valuable information out of the owner. No signs of forced entry and the power were shut off so the CCTV didn’t work might mean an inside job. His last security guard Grady was fired on bitter terms. In the hearing, Bryan does not get bail for his previous encroachment and is placed on home arrest. Johnny, his uncle, once again pleads with Margaret to continue with the case as Danny, his son, already keeps him preoccupied.

Todd visits Grady, who tells him about another camera in the opposite shop that might have captured something useful. When Todd reviews the footage, he catches a glimpse of the shoes that Johnny was wearing at the hearing. He tells Margaret the same, who sympathized with Johnny and took the case. They are parked outside Bryan’s house but catch police cars arriving. Bryan cut his ankle bracelet off and ran away.

Danny’s game controller has Johnny’s number on the back and Margaret gives him a call. He works as a stripper at night to make ends meet. He was here the night of the robbery, clearing him of the suspicion. In conversation, it is revealed that Ray, Bryan’s father, got out last year but Johnny didn’t tell him. He isn’t a good influence, the uncle says. Ray was himself a bank robber and embezzled cash from his job as an AC repairman. Margaret takes his address and visits him the next day.

She notices a game controller at his house and says to Todd she thinks Bryan is innocent. The next day, she takes Todd to the pawnshop and shows him a newly installed HVAC vent. He climbs up to inspect but says an adult could not have made it through the small opening. Margaret climbs up too and notices some kind of food, which when tasted, reveals that it is baby food. Danny was the one who was sent through the vent. Danny confirms Margaret’s theory and the next day at court, Bryan is absolved of the charges. Bryan promises to turn around his life and thanks the mother-son duo.

The to and fro between Susan and Todd continues, hinting at a possible romantic spark ahead. As promised, Todd accompanies Margaret to the Symphony to show his gratefulness. She calls her friends and tells them the truth, confident about her new status.

The Episode Review

The comedy quotient has still not improved. It seems like this will be a problem with the upcoming episodes as well, considering all of the first season has finished shooting.

Despite its steady tone and watchable episodic setup, So Help Me Todd is unable to resonate on an emotional level. The drama side of things has been completely drained out. The problems that Todd and Margaret had in the pilot have been ironed out like they didn’t even exist. There are no more differences in the family and it seems like a perfectly chirpy group once again.

When something like this happens, the change itself loses significance. Episode 3 was kind of like showing Todd the mirror to someone else’s life and then his own intention to undo their mess. The subtle romantic tangent between him and Susan is more or less a distraction.

They do have some other interesting characters in Allison and Chad and the viewers are still waiting to see that side of things as well. Until then, no more extra points for these dull and undemanding episodes.

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