So Help Me Todd – Season 1 Episode 19 “Gloom and Boom” Recap & Review


Lauren Park, one of Susan and Todd’s old friends from college, quits her job at Flora and Fauna. The said restaurant is a fancy, fine-dining experience, revered across town. Margaret was supposed to have dinner with Beverly – before the final vote next week for choosing a named partner – but instead has to settle with Allison.

She and Chuck still haven’t mended things and she’s living in an AirBnB, exploring her options. Lauren is fired from her job by famous celebrity chef Jax Price, someone who is renowned for his tenacity and for being a hard taskmaster.

Margaret represents Lauren in court but Jax has threatened all the employees willing to testify against his exploitative behaviour. The motion is dismissed, which means Lauren won’t get another job in the city since Jax has a lot of pull and influence over other fancy restaurants.

Todd and Susan have smoothed things over but he only has another 100 hours of work left to do in order to get his PI license back. He relishes the prospect of being a free bird again but Margaret isn’t pleased.

Lauren walks into the office with bloody hands and declares Jax is dead. She had gone to take her paycheck but found his body in the kitchen. Margaret and Todd go to the restaurant to investigate.

Todd meets Gavin West from CSI Portland collecting evidence from the kitchen. Out front, Margaret runs into Rufus, the owner of the restaurant. They have similar interests and bond over wine. Rufus has Parkinson’s and Margaret offers a helping hand as Harry, her husband from episode 1, also had the disease.

Gavin reveals that a lot of substances were found near Jax’s body, presumable food ingredients. Gavin also reveals Jax had a lot of hateful comments from customers on the internet.

Beverly sits at the meeting where Margaret’s team discusses new leads. They find one particular user going out of their way to criticize Jax on every platform. Lyle finds out her address and Susan is surprised to know she is on her witness list. Her name is Besus Miller. She is a former line cook at F&F. Lyle and Todd question her.

Miller asserts she did it because she hated Jax, like most of her colleagues. She gives them Sophie Keller’s name, and suspects she might have been involved due to her history with Jax. CSI has found traces of a very expensive chef’s knife in Jax’s wound. Very few people might have access to such a knife and Sophie is one of them. Rufus comes into the office to reveal Sophie and Jax’s history. They were rivals since culinary school, and she violently stabbed him once for winning an award for her.

Lauren and Susan discuss their college days. Susan was a different person back then and always wanted to be a lawyer. Todd asks Lauren how to get a table at Sophie’s restaurant. But she warns him beforehand – Sophie is terrifying.

Because Todd is so sick, Margaret goes instead to get more leads and pretends to be a dishwasher. The Maître d‘ sees Todd with glasses and Margaret’s jacket on in the car and mistakes him for a famous food critic. She even invites him in and gives him a table. Sophie runs a tight ship and Margaret experiences it first hand.

She notices Sophie is guarded about the pantry room and communicates it to Todd. In a hilarious turn of events, Beverly is dining at the restaurant with a friend and catches Margaret in the act. The mother-daughter duo find a freezer in the pantry but Sophie holds them at knifepoint. It turns out she is not the killer but is illegally importing exotic sea animals. Sophie was relieved she didn’t turn out like Jax. He had a drug problem and it resurfaced recently. Did a dealer kill him?

Gavin, from CSI, shows up the next morning with the report. There are 9 substances they did not test and Margaret goes for private testing. But it turns out to be food ingredients.

Lauren is losing this case right now. Allison comes to pick up her clothes and sees the list of ingredients. She remarks “Is someone cooking a giant antioxidant smoothie?” Susan follows up and Allison reveals some of those ingredients are also used to treat Parkinson’s. But who had the disease – Rufus or Jax? Why did Rufus lie?

We see Margaret and Rufus having a dinner date at her house. He isn’t displaying symptoms of having the disease and Todd tells her about Allison’s findings. It seems like Jax had the disease. She indicates Todd to bring the police to their house.

Rufus is an expert at using knives, so Margaret tries to get a confession from Rufus. He apparently killed Jax because his Parkinson’s was interfering with the business – under-seasoned food and yelling at customers. They win the case and Lauren is scot-free. Todd congratulates Lauren, who tells him about Susan being hungover Todd for a long time.

The Episode Review

So Help Me Todd’s season 1 is drawing to an end. But the show has maintained its standards well enough. Episode 19 was not as interesting in terms of episodic timeline as it was for Todd individually. Not only did he get his PI license back, he also got hope about Susan. Many a times, a person says something but feels something else entirely.

We still had no idea why she kissed him suddenly a few wpidoes ago, to completely ignoring him subsequently. Such cosmic complexities, once resolved, are a great relief for the viewers also. And it seems to be headed that way. Margaret was called into action on one of those rare incidents where Todd isn’t around her. Gay-Harden and Astin have terrific chemistry which makes their relationship so lovable. That is the lifeblood and inspiration for the show.

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