Snowpiercer – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Justice Never Boarded 

Back for another week, Snowpiercer returns for the follow-up slice of crime drama after LJ’s imprisonment for the death of Sean. With everything gearing up for the tribunal that grips the latter periods of the episode, things predictably take a turn for the worse and with it, threats of all hell breaking loose in the upcoming episodes.

Episode 5 of Snowpiercer begins with Layton stuck in the drawer and haunted by weird dreams. While he sleeps, the Tailies rally and try to find him.

Meanwhile, an imprisoned LJ is forced to attend a tribunal but instead of procedure being followed – which includes keeping the accused in cages until the trial – her parents see that she’s released and brought back home. Given this will only ignite the growing embers of rebellion in the Tail, it’s a risk Melanie is willing to take. Back in their room, LJ’s parents try their best to force the narrative that she was forced by Eric, leading to a bizarre segment involving a glass eye.

At the same time, Ruth rallies the workers to sort the seating plan out for the tribunal in 1st class but midway through, Audrey organises a Nightcar worker to drop off a plate of insects for them. This brings Melanie in to speak to her, where she demands a new tribunal including members from 2nd and 3rd class to make things fairer.

With Mr Wilford agreeing to the terms and the tribunal members heading up the train, Josie takes this opportunity to make her move and goes searching for Layton, asking questions through the different carriages.

After Melanie’s bold decision, the 1st class members contemplate whether to usurp Melanie after agreeing to Wilford’s terms and letting 2nd and 3rd class to mingle with 1st, unbeknownst to them that Melanie has caught wind of what they’re saying.

The tribunal begins and each of the different witnesses give their evidence. Audrey gives an impassioned speech and rallies the 2nd and 3rd class together by telling them all to see justice carried out for Nicki.

LJ gives evidence next and acts out a tearful account of how Eric had control over her. She continues, telling the members of the tribunal that just before he died, Sean Wise admitted to her that he was an informant. The group recess for now, with Jinju and Melanie discussing this bombshell reveal. At the same time, Josie finds Layton in the drawer along with several other people she recognizes too.

Brakeman arrives and sees what Josie is doing. After knocking Osweiller out, she helps Josie break him out. At the same time, the group find Lilah guilty but the guys at the front of the train, posing as Mr Wilford, commute the sentence and it causes anarchy for the 2nd and 3rd class as they watch on incredulously.

As the episode closes out, LJ has some choice words for Melanie in private while Layton awakens and is scrambled into hiding.

With no Layton for much of the episode, all eyes instead turn to the supporting players to step up and deliver. Predictably, justice is not carried out for the upper class but the ripples of this will almost certainly cause chaos further down the train.

Beyond that plot revelation, and Layton being saved, there isn’t an awful lot worth getting excited about here. The episode itself does relatively well to keep things interesting but compared to other dramas of its kind, Snowpiercer pales by comparison. Of course, there’s still time for that to change and hopefully things pick up in the weeks to come.


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