‘Sneakerella’ Ending Explained: Does El receive his happily-ever-after?

Sneakerella Plot Synopsis

Sneakerella is a modern-day retelling of the classic Cinderella story with a gender-swapped twist. The movie focuses on El, a young teen who has dreams of becoming a famous sneaker designer. But as he works as a lowly stock boy at a New York shoe store, led by his mean stepfather and two bullying stepbrothers, El’s chances of fame and fortune are severely limited.

So, does El receive his happily-ever-after? Or is he destined to remain in the job that he hates for the remainder of his life? You probably won’t be surprised at the movie’s outcome but just in case you have never seen a Cinderella adaptation, keep reading to find out more.

Does El have a happy life?

El isn’t exactly unhappy. His best friend Sami does much to lift his spirits and so too does Gustavo, an elderly neighbour who gives the boy much encouragement.

However, El’s life is far from perfect. His mother died some years before and he now has to live and work with his stern stepfather and mean-spirited stepbrothers.

Still, he has dreams of a better life for himself. With hopes of being a famous sneaker designer, he spends time fashioning his own footwear. But as nobody else recognizes his talents, with the exception of his friend and neighbour, the chances of him making it to the big time are slim.

Do El’s chances of happiness improve?

Yes! El meets Kira, a young girl who he finds wandering around a shoe drop in his neighbourhood, and the two become attracted to one another. Unbeknownst to El, she is also the daughter of Darius King, a famous basketball player and sneaker mogul. As such, she could hold the keys to his dreams of fame as well as his hope of finding true love.

As El works on his sneaker designs in the stockroom, Kira tries to encourage her father to shake up the King brand with new-look footwear. The paths of El and Darius seem destined to cross as the young man’s sneakers may be the sports shoes that Darius needs for his brand’s makeover.

Does El meet Darius?

El has been hard at work crafting a pair of sneakers to take to Sneaker Con, a gala event where the best in sports footwear is showcased every year. He intends to infiltrate the event as a server but thanks to Gustavo’s magical abilities, he and Sami get to attend the gala as well-dressed guests instead. However, they need to leave before midnight as their appearance will revert to normal once the clock strikes twelve.

At the event, word of El’s sneakers start to spread and many are wowed by what he has created. Sami spreads the word that El is an independent shoe designer who works with major companies (which is of course a lie) and this information is passed on by Kira to her father.

Just before El is given the opportunity to meet Darius at the event, midnight arrives and he is forced to flee before Gustavo’s magic runs out. In true Cinderella fashion, he loses one of his sneakers which is later found by Kira.

After tracking him down, Kira later introduces El to her father. Unfortunately, the meeting does not go well. The sneaker mogul has already met with El’s stepbrothers and they have told him about El’s real identity along with some mistruths. When El sits down with the upset Darius, he is firmly put in his place and rejected by the man, so leaves the meeting with his dreams of becoming a famous sneaker designer in tatters.

Does El receive his happily-ever-after?

What do you think? If the movie ended with El returning to the shoe store for a life of servitude and misery, you would probably be disappointed! El wouldn’t be very happy about the situation either!

Thanks to Kira, El is later given another opportunity to meet with Darius. At the meeting, his stepbrothers arrive to stir up further trouble but their efforts are thwarted by El’s stepfather, who silences them and asks El for forgiveness for the way he has treated his stepson.

El also asks for forgiveness from Darius, who realizes the young man is far different to the liar and cheat that his stepbrothers made him out to be. After seeing El for who he truly is, Darius forgives him and gives him the opportunity he has been waiting for: to showcase his sneaker designs to the world.

As such, El’s dreams of finding fame do come true although his motives aren’t entirely selfish as he uses his success to support his local community. El also gets the girl so he really does get his happily-ever-after.


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