Snabba Cash – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Gonna Be 2 Rocks, Leya

Episode 2 of Snabba Cash begins with Salim ringing Leya. He wants to see her again but her silence speaks volumes. Still, she’s polite enough and tells him she’ll think about it. Well, Leya soon hangs up when she sees Marcus in the elevator. She gives him a pretty frosty greeting, especially after his deception last episode.

With Leya continuing to drown in stress, she heads back home and reveals to her Mum that she’s struggling. Her Mother offers to help her financially but Leya refuses, forcing a smile and telling her she’ll deal with it herself.

The next day, Leya shows up before Tomas, who’s communicating via a zoom call. He gives the team a few encouraging words of wisdom, urging them to keep working. Only, he doesn’t know that Marcus is involved too – something he’ll almost certainly pull his investment over. Leya is playing a pretty dangerous game here, which Viktoria is quick to remind her.

Meanwhile, Ravy pays his respects to Ari after the brutal attack last episode. He tells them all they’re going to hit back and destroy their rivals.

While out on the road, Nala rides past Tim, the boy who set fire to the wrong scooter last episode. Obviously he doesn’t have 20 grand to pay up, so instead Nala puts him to work. She wants him to destroy the corner store and making it look like a robbery.

While his friends refuse to join him, Tim instead is forced to go it alone. Unfortunately things quickly go awry and as police sirens wail angrily, Tim is eventually arrested.

With Leya desperate for funds, she heads back to the restaurant where she finds Salim sitting, eating food. After a brief introduction, Leya turns her attention to owner Said and asks him for over a million crowns. This is what she needs to buy out Marcus’ shares and avoid any unpleasantness arising.

Salim’s meal is cut short by Ravy ringing. They’ve found their guys. Waiting outside the restaurant, Salim follows from afar and waits until his target alone with his girlfriend. Salim gets cold feet though and changes his mind at the last second. He spins the story to Ravy that he got in a car, but it’s clear Ravy has doubts over this story.

At the police station, Tim spins his own story about the store owner in order to weasel out of trouble. His Father is there to hear all of this, eventually leading to Tim lashing out and hitting back verbally against his Father.

That evening, Hassan calls Leya and asks for an emergency meeting with Tomas. She breathes heavily, desperate to try and find someone to look after Sami.

With no other options, she rings Salim and asks him to look after her son. While things go well between the pair to begin with, Dani’s men arrive and immediately notice Salim playing football.

Calling for back-up, Salim is forced to flee with Sami. They make it to a kebab house where the owner hides them both to avoid detection.

Leya heads out to the meeting point, hurrying on foot where a helicopter is waiting for her. Tomas is at a not-so-silent retreat. When she arrives, Tomas informs here that he’s going to invest 25 million crowns to offset the debt, determined to make her business plan a success.

It’s a brief call, one that could probably have been done over the phone, but one that sees Leya immediately shocked and jubilant over her future.

Later that day, Tim is approached by Nala again, this time with a metro card and a number of small baggys (small poly plastic bags), ready to make a delivery for them. After a successful drop, Tim hands over the money…but decides to keep helping them out after paying off his debt.

Tim wants to make some easy money, leading to Nala handing over a burner phone and taking him up on his offer. Thanks to Tim’s skin colour, she believes the cops won’t think twice about stopping him.

After an eventful day, Leya returns home where she finds Salim out on the balcony looking out at the world. After a tentative kiss on the cheek, Salim leaves. When he does, Leya takes a dangerous chance and asks Ravy for the money instead.

The Episode Review

Snabba Cash starts to deepen its character ties as it moves past the second episode. Essentially, this whole chapter has been defined by two distinct chases.

The shaky cam is unbearable at times, especially during the moments of Tim’s arrest outside. During this whole segment the scene is obsfucated and really difficult to see exactly what was going on. By contrast, the moments with Salim and Sami inside the kebab house were well shot and pretty tense.

The two main characters – Salim and Leya – have an interesting dynamic and the entire series hinders on their potential romance together.

The story is quite good so far, although there’s nothing inherently outstanding or amazing here either. How will Ravy react when he finds out Salim is involved with Leya? We’ll have to wait and see!

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