Smoke Kings by Jahmal Mayfield: Book Release Date, Page Count & Plot Details

Smoke Kings by Jahmal Mayfield

Smoke Kings

Jahmal Mayfield is an emerging author in the crime thriller mystery genre. His upcoming debut release, Smoke Kings, is highly anticipated. Mayfield’s powerful storytelling and thought-provoking exploration of racial justice have garnered praise from critics and readers alike. Stay tuned for the release of this gripping and timely novel. 

What is Smoke Kings About?

Nate Evers, a young black political activist, is fuelled by anger and grief as his community continues to face violence. When his cousin is murdered, Nate and his friends embark on a mission of retribution, targeting descendants of past hate crime perpetrators and demanding reparations. However, their plans unravel when they mistakenly confront a vengeful white supremacist leader and encounter a biased lawman. As they fight for survival, the line between justice and revenge becomes blurred, leading to a tense and unforgettable exploration of racial tensions. 

When Will Smoke Kings be Released? 

Smoke Kings is expected to be released by Melville House Publishing on 06 February 2024 in the UK and US. 

What is the Page Count? 

Smoke Kings has a page count of 400. 

Where Can You Pre-Order Smoke Kings? 

You can pre-order Smoke Kings through Barnes & Noble ($19.99) in the US and Waterstones (£17.99) in the UK. 

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