Sleeping Dog – Season 1 Episode 2 “Surprise!” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Sleeping Dog begins with Jule rattled by the death of Idris. Adebayo is among those who head to the scene, and she finds a cigarette butt next to the body. Now, Idris actually came back to confirm Mussa’s alibi so the fact that he’s rocked up dead now is very suspicious.

Apparently, Idris was being threatened by police to confirm Basher’s alibi otherwise they were going to tell his father that Idris and Mussa were romantically linked.

While this is going on, Atlas heads back out to the streets and begins looking through the various crime scene files. He comes up to the same conclusion that Jule has, that this was a suicide but he may have been threatened into making it happen. That night, we cut across to Atlas, who has his stuff stolen by someone holding a knife, snatching it while he’s asleep.

Remember that PI, Jurgens? Well, he stakes out Atlas’ house and watches his ex-wife Lenni and Tinka. In fact, he speaks to Tinka and claims that he and Atlas are old buddies. He happens to be a key person in this case, and Jule knows as much. She speaks to Corinna at the DA’s office, who urges her to get on this, given he’s a key witness. However, she wants to wrap all of this up as quickly as possible and her heart isn’t exactly in it.

Jule heads to Jurgen’s apartment and although he’s not in, she does open the letterbox and finds a figure sniffing around inside. When he flees, Jule follows, using her phone flashlight to head to the dark basement to corner the suspect. However, the figure pushes her out the way and bolts through the doorway.

Atlas does eventually find his stuff, which happens to have been taken by one of the women on the street. She actually lent him an umbrella earlier in the first episode, and he finds her down by the canal. Without speaking, he takes the gear back and leaves. When he does, he finds a newspaper confirming Idris’ murder.

At the DA’s office, Jule overhears Atlas speaking to Corinna, as he comes up with the same conclusion that Jule has. He wants the Judge Herres case reopened, believing it’s a key part of the Mussa situation. Jule now knows that Atlas is the one who took the files from her and they talk outside.

Heading to an internet café, Jule plays the video footage of Idris on the public computer and they get talking about the case. I’m not quite sure about the legality of doing this on a public forum in front of everyone, but there we go! Anyway, Jurgens tracks down Atlas’ location, thanks to Tinka handing over her father’s number to him. When Atlas gets a call, our ex-cop realizes something is amiss and flees, dropping his phone in the bin outside to avoid detection.

Adebayo heads off to visit the concussed girl at the hospital and notices that she’s okay. Afterwards, she and her team head off on another case, this time with someone called Kaminski. Zaric and Socke confirm to Adebayo that they used to work with Atlas before he burned out and went off the grid.

Corinna quickly sweeps up the case, deciding that Jule and the team can spin the story around this being a case of tragic lovers killed because of their sexuality. Jule still isn’t convinced but Corinna believes that “this homo stuff” is enough to close it for good.

Because we need a bit more drama and high stakes, Tinka phones Jurgen and tells him to head over that evening so he can meet Atlas. Atlas though, finds a translator in the form of a woman called Karina, who manages to lipread what was said during Jurgen meeting Mussa at the prison. Apparently the words “they’re everywhere!” and “Idris is as good as dead” are thrown around alongside “dirty laundry” and “they want to prevent Herres.”

This gives them a lot to go on and ties the two cases together, but before Atlas can even think about handling this, Jurgen phones Atlas and tells him to meet as he currently has his daughter.

The Episode Review

There’s a few disparate threads to Sleeping Dog that holds this back from being a better watch. Adebayo’s subplot just feels like busywork right now and none of her scenes really lend itself into the central narrative, although as time goes on, it does seem like the two men with her, Zaric and Socke, might be involved in planting evidence but we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile. the drama involving Tinka and Jurgens just seems so unbelievable and contrived. This girl just trusts a random stranger who claims to be friends with her father, someone whom she’s never seen or heard of, and she willingly lets him come over that night to her house alone? Seems a bit contrived if you ask me!

Having said that though, the case is just starting to come together now and it remains to be seen exactly how much of a conspiracy and cover-up all of this is. The organic way Jule and Atlas are now working together is a nice touch, while there’s enough intrigue with the case to keep with this one until the end. Roll on the next episode!

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