Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 8 “Toxic People” (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Toxic People

Sky Rojo Season 2 episode 8 marks this finale with the girls taking off with Moises bundled in the back of their car, tied up and held hostage. Coral is the one in charge, making sure Moises is well and truly tied down when they head back to their hideout. Moi pleads with Coral, pointing out Christian’s injuries and how he needs help. Coral refuses to listen.

The gang meanwhile revel in their stolen cash that they’ve managed to grab. It’s certainly more than 2 million though, as they end up with 4.3 million euros. With the money in tow and Fermin working to hotwire a motorcycle, the girls prepare to make their getaway.

Christian is still alive too but barely. He’s badly wounded and bleeding out, kept at Romeo’s club. He rings Coral but only gets through to her voicemail. Instead, Christian tells Romeo what he knows, pointing out Wendy’s tattoo.

After Fermin’s help, Wendy hands over a couple of stacks of cash for him. He’s proven his worth and now Fermin has earned his freedom. Fermin apologizes for what’s happened between them, with Wendy too admitting that she genuinely wanted to kill him at that moment in the hole. Well, Fermin heads off with his cash and presumably leaves the show for good.

Back at the club, Romeo finds out from Xuan that the girls are no longer in their hole and have broken free. Romeo continues to antagonize Christian, realizing Moises is responsible, and eventually brings him to see his Mother. She’s currently “resting”. And by “resting”, Romeo is keeping her on ice after killing her.

Romeo next brings Christian out to where this all started and tells him he needs to die. As he continues to bleed out, Christian loses consciousness and collapses on the floor.

Elsewhere, Coral lets her guard down after antagonizing Moises. After straddling him, he hits out and headbutts her. Freeing himself from his binds, he throws a hook straight into her eye. Coral’s eye comes clean out and ends up on the floor! Moises also ends up with his gun too, stringing Coral upside down and taking off with the money.

Down by the docks, Wendy and Gina watch as the ferry arrives. Wirth no Coral in sight, they begin to grow ever-more worried. Moises eventually confronts Coral and holds her up at gunpoint. Just before firing, our badass girls return and launch a volley of machine gun fire at him that would make a stormtrooper blush. They miss, quite spectacularly, but it’s enough for Moises to scraper. Coral follows until Wendy talks her out of this cycle of revenge.

This toxic relationship can’t continue forever, and the girls take off with the money while Moises paces like an animal. Romeo calls him and confirms Christian is dead, compounding even more grief onto him. However, Romeo spins this into toxicity toward the girls which seems to work. Romeo and Christian align once more and prepare to win the war. For now though, this battle belongs to the girls, who sail off into the sunset.

The Episode Review

Sky Rojo bows out with an open conclusion, one that finally sees the girls come out on top and head off into the sunset with their cash. However, the lack of a resolution with Moises and Romeo seems to hint that we’ve got a season 3 on the cards.

With Christian dead and his Mother killed too, Moises realigning himself with Romeo looks to be an ominous sign of things to come i the future. However, it also undoes some of his character work across the season which is a bit of a disappointment

Less a disappointment however, is the action which continues to be as visceral and action-packed as before. While this second season hasn’t quite been as enthralling or gripping as the first, there’s enough here to like nonetheless.

The first season was certainly full of contrivances but the breathless pace did well to paper over some of that. Here though, the pace slows down and with it, a lot more questions around the logistics of what’s happening are given the time to fester. Iris being killed, the situation with Fermin, the motel owner and even the other girls at the club all show up as significant subplots and then disappear as quickly as they came.

Unlike the first though, this season has a harder time justifying some of its actions. And it doesn’t help that the ending falls into a predictably open conclusion that sets things up for a third season that may or may not arrive.

This is one of those shows that’s good in the moment but as soon as you start to think back on the plot you’ve just watched, problems arise. Whether this show will return for a third season or not, remains to be seen.

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