Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 7 “Rotten and Radiant” Recap & Review

Rotten and Radiant

Episode 7 of Sky Rojo Season 2 begins with Wendy passed out on her bed. The sleazy owner arrives and notices Fermin tied up in the bath. He ignores Fermin’s cries for help though, eventually trying to suffocate him with the shower curtain.

However, he slips on a bar of soap and smacks his head hard on the side. Blood oozes from his head as he lies motionless in a pool of his own blood.

When Wendy awakens, the girls return with their guns, ready to go all-out and attack this van. With smoke bombs, guns and slick outfits, the quartet prepare to attack.

At the same time, Moises and Christian ready themselves to head out with the exact same idea. Despite their very-obvious nerves, they hold up their driver at gunpoint and take over Romeo’s van.

Ringing their boss, they give him an ultimatum – return their Mother and they leave together or the boys take off with his money.

Well, things take an unexpected turn when the girls (and Fermin) show up ready to attack. Holding Moises and Christian up at gunpoint, a stand-off ensues. Eventually the girls get the upper-hand and take off with the money and keys.

However, Fermin shoots Christian but before he passes out completely, Christian catches a glimpse of Wendy’s tattoo via her ripped shirt and realizes who’s behind this heist. Moises wastes little time though, grabbing the front of the car and holding on for dear life.

Despite being knocked off the windshield, he does catch a glimpse of Coral driving. When she stops and confronts him, he asks why she didn’t get the ferry when he asked

The Episode Review

Sky Rojo’s penultimate episode sees the show move back into action-packed territory. This second season hasn’t been as tightly written as the first though, with many episodes slowing the pace down to a crawl and failing to capitalize on those suspenseful cliffhangers the show works so well to include.

Despite that, the characterization has been good all round and seeing Moises as more of an antihero this season, flirting the line between right and wrong, has been one of the better elements of these 8 chapters.

Everything is now poised to kick off in a big way during the season finale – bring it on!

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