Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 6 “Lobster for Death Row Inmates” Recap & Review

Lobster for Death Row Inmates

Episode 6 of Sky Rojo Season 2 begins with the girls staying another night at the hotel, bringing Fermin in with them to formulate their plan. After locking him in the bathroom, the girls confront Wendy about shooting him in the hand.

She claims it was self defense but they have bigger problems – that was their last bullet. They need weapons if they have any hope of being successful – and Gina may know what to do. While she and Coral leave, Wendy keeps Fermin at gunpoint.

He phones his Mother and reassures her everything is okay. However, they’re interrupted by a knock at the door as the owner drops off some towels and a bottle of water.

Alone, Wendy and Fermin discuss the club and specifically how hurt he was over her looking at him with disgust. That’s why he went crazy that night. Needing to process what she’s been told, Wendy takes a swig of water and begins to grow woozy.

Meanwhile, Moises and Christian are forced to work with Romeo for the time being. Instead of going off to Madeira alone, Romeo forces Beefcake to join them.

Well, Christian and Moises are taken out to a remote area in the desert late at night. There, Romeo shows the exact spot where his Father was buried. Speaking of burying, Coral and Gina head off to a graveyard of their own and find a whole stash of weapons hidden in a grave.

What they weren’t banking on though, is Moises’ plan. He wants to rob the van too and take off with the money.

The Episode Review

Sky Rojo returns and continues to build everything up to this big heist. It now looks like both Christian & Moises and our three strippers are going to be fighting over the gear, with Romeo stuck in the middle in the midst of all this.

While the second season has adopted a slightly different tone, one that’s perhaps more reflective and slower in nature, Sky Rojo continues to deliver decent drama and compelling twists. Quite what direction this one will take next though remains to be seen.

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