Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 5 “Hookers’ Black Boxes” Recap & Review

Hookers’ Black Boxes

Sky Rojo Season 2 episode 5 begins with brief flashes to the past, as we see Moises and Coral spending time together. After surfing, Moises admits he has big plans to get the ferry out of town. Coral mentions money laundering, which certainly piques his interest, as the camera pans out.

Back with the girls in the present, they begin to formulate a plan to hit back against Romeo. Specifically, they intend to go after a van that hits up his seven clubs once every month. They intend to intercept that vehicle before it hits the ferry down at Madeira. If they can do that, they’d be looking at a cool sum of 2 million euros.

Gina serves as the realist here though, reminding them that Beefcake will probably be there and security will be tight. Well, in order to turn the tables the girls use their contacts to find a face from the past for this heist.

This comes in the form of a hardware store worker called Fermin. He happens to be a sadist in disguise but also someone they can use. The girls take him out to the woods where Wendy shoots him in the hand. This is enough encouragement to force him into helping with the robbery.

Meanwhile, Moises picks up Christian from the hospital but the brothers aren’t on talking terms. With their Mother gone and Christian growing ever-more disenfranchised, he ends up forcing a girl into taking plastic surgery for breast implants. This small act simply piles up more pressure and misery on her, as the girl is forced to work that night despite the pain.

Moises takes Christian off to visit Iris but instead the latter shoots the woman in cold blood. Shrugging it off, Christian reminds Moises that they’re prisoners too and there’s seemingly no way out of this game.

The Episode Review

Sky Rojo returns with an intriguing episode, one that shows the horrors of these new girls arriving at the club. Pressured into surgery, this girl is given no recovery time and forced to work that night which reinforces how cruel and despicable Romeo and his gang are.

Meanwhile, Coral, Wendy and Gina continue to formulate their plot, intent on hitting out against Romeo and stealing his money. Whether they’ll be successful or not remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure, this conflict is far from over and the series is just starting to ramp up the tension ready for the final three episodes.

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