Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 4 “The Night We Were Dead” Recap & Review

The Night We Were Dead

Episode 4 of Sky Rojo Season 2 begins with Gina knocking some sense into her comrades. Given how far they’ve come, she doesn’t want this to be the end. Instead, she blasts the horn and remains determined to fight until the very end.

Back at the club, Moi remains conflicted. He leaves for some air, unable to find peace, and revisits Iris. However, she refuses to give up any drugs and encourages him to make the right choice. He needs to find his anchor and use this as a learning process. Realizing what this means, Moises takes off.

Meanwhile, Romeo heads home and greets his girls but in his intoxicated state, it’s anything but a happy family reunion. Eventually he ends up passed out on the floor.

Moises returns to the construction site and begins drilling through the cement. Eventually he pulls the oxygen-deprived girls to safety where they regain consciousness He tells them all to stay off the radar, imploring the girls to keep a low profile given Romeo doesn’t know about this.

Moises agrees to keep them shacked up in a hotel that night before urging them to board a ferry across to Cadiz.

This is Moises’ redemptive act, given he wants to start anew with Christian and get away from Romeo and the club. In fact, he has plans to visit Namibia and even asks Coral to come with him.

She predictably refuses, but does receive a lucrative sum of money to help her and the girls with their new life before he leaves. Well, Coral changes her mind and decides to hit back against Romeo instead. Believing they’ll never truly be free until this is over, they intend to hit Romeo where it hurts – his finances.

Back at the club, things take a turn for the worst. Christian’s antics see Beefcake paint a bullseye on his back and he immediately starts beating him down. Their Mother is taken away as collateral damage too, as Moises realizes that he and Christian are as much prisoners as the girls are.

The Episode Review

As Sky Rojo crosses the halfway point, it’s now clear that Moises and Christian are also prisoners just like the girls are. They’re trapped in this club and that dream of going off to Namibia seems very much like a pipedream right about now.

Meanwhile, the girls manage to break free from their predicament courtesy of Moises having a change of heart. Out of all the characters, he’s probably the one next to Romeo that was least likely to do this, so it definitely comes as a surprise. Credit to his character though, the arc he’s been on has been really well written and compelling.

With the girls deciding to hit back against Romeo rather than starting a new life, it remains to be seen whether this is the right move or not.

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