Sky High – Season 1 Episode 7 “In the Lion’s Den” Recap & Review

In the Lion’s Den

The port deal is all set to go through as episode 7 of Sky High starts. The trio has landed in Lagos and have met up with the Colombians and Carmen at the port. Rosa drops a message to Sole saying that she knows who killed Estrella and that she is going to the police to let them know about it.

However, Rosa does not know Ferran is the chief of police and will get herself into trouble if she goes ahead. Carmen and Sole speak with each other and make sure that Mateo does not know about their secret deal. Rogelio informs Sole that Fernan is a mole and that there is an app on his phone that is password protected.

Sole is being set up to be arrested at the hotel. Mercedes has set her up in the deal with Duque. The DEA is actually not able to process the request for the drug bust by the minister, who has likely been bribed by the Colombians. Sole is absolutely shocked to learn about Ferran and takes a walk on her own. Mateo sees this too from his balcony. Marta calls Mercedes and says she will never be able to trust her again. It seems that the relationship between the two has completely broken down.

Sole calls Rogleio and explains to him Ferran’s involvement in Estrella’s death. But he denies his personal involvement, something that we learn later is true. Mateo tells Sole the truth about Fernan. It turns out that the jail that Motos and Fernan shared also had Mateo. He saw Fernan save Motos’ life but the Fernan with them is not the real one. Sole is being set up by the person posing as him. Fernan is getting restless and starts packing his and Sole’s clothes.

In there, he finds the gun that Ferran gave Sole at the airport. Rogelioi meets with Ferran and he confirms the story. To protect Sole, Ferran says Rogelio should say he was also involved in the planning. This would ensure that Sole does not implicate Ferran in the charge because she would not think about going against Rogelio. Rosa spots Ferran coming in and is shocked. He does not know who Rosa is and she quickly leaves the station.

Unfortunately, she left her ID with the officer who asked her to wait. It has her mother’s address and she drops everything to rush to that place. The local DEA agent calls in his overdue favour with the Minister to get his signatures for the bust and he agrees. Duque is messaged by Mercedes to inform her whenever the bust is about to happen. Even though he assures her that the authorities will protect her, Mercedes knows better.

Sole knows the truth about Fernan and confronts him about the truth. She has a tense scene with Fernan in her hotel room where she accuses him of using her. He tells Sole about Mercedes’ plan and indirectly says he betrayed her too. Sole already knew but she is even more hurt hearing it from Fernan’s mouth. Before leaving, Sole informs Fernan that Mateo has sent men to her room to kill him. She offers to give him her gun but he refuses to use weapons,

We see three men in the elevator heading for her room. When she gives the go-ahead, they enter the room. Fernan has already escaped. Sole goes to Carmen, who says they must leave the country that day itself. If they wait for the next morning, they will be killed as Mateo has already left the country. Without his protection, they are unsafe.  Sole requests Carmen to arrange a way out and she begins talking to her contact off-camera. Mercedes walks up to Sole and still pretends not to know anything.

Sole’s emotions get the better of her and she confronts Mercedes about Roelgio and her. She also tells Mercedes that if she goes back, the Colombians will kill her because they know what she did striking a deal with the police.

Rosa is watched by Ferran, who is in turn watched by Rogelio. Ferran hits Rosa with his car but she is prepared. She tries to use the gun given to her by Fita in an abandoned car but Ferran catches up, choking her out.

Mercedes is chased in mid-market by the Colombians but Duque asks her to go back to the hotel. When she reaches there, she gets the sense that no one there can help and by the time Duque arrives, the Colombians will kill her.

Fernan fights the men but is overpowered. Sole uses the gun to shoot the Colombians and takes Mercedes with her on her insistence. Rogelio intervenes but Ferran gets the upper hand. As he is about to shoot Rogleio, Rosa shoots Ferran and he dies. Marta arrives at the scene, looks at Rogelio intently, and leaves with Rosa.

Fernan, Mercedes, and Sole reach the airport where Carmen has arranged a plane. They do it just in time before the Colombians or the police can get to them. Rogelio walks away knowing that someday when Marta is ready, they will formally meet. Sole processes the events that just happened and thinks about her next step.

The Episode Review

The finale of season 1 of Sky High was handled like the previous episodes. The story was concluded hastily and in a way that makes way for the torturous possibility of a second season. Most of the subplots and character arches were wrapped up irresponsibly by the writers, while some still remain.

The open questions are mostly about relationships. Rogelio and Marta, Mercedes and Marta, Sole and Fernan, and so on. One cannot help but scoff at how messy the sequences were in Lagos. This was really poorly done in an unconvincing and unrealistic way. I would say the end is disappointing but relative to what we saw in the second half, it did not feel as bad!

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