Sky High – Season 1 Episode 6 “Parents and Children” Recap & Review

Parents and Children

In quite a stunning fashion, episode 6 of Sky High sees the group successfully execute the robbery. Sole is a part of it too but only the last stretch, where she stands outside the back gate and takes the vase. Poli proves to be quite a dexterous man for the job and it is due to him and Motos that they are able to steal it.

Tono stays with Fernan but does not tell him about the Paris job. It is because of what Rogelio told him in his club a couple of episodes ago. Sole nervously hands over the vase to the Chinese and Zou gives the final go-ahead to include Sole in the port deal.

She immediately calls Mercedes and tells her about the deal to go down. She confirms her involvement in the port and says she will be going to Africa to complete the deal. Tono comes home and finds Fernan has a high fever due to the infection from the bullet still inside him. He calls Rogelio, who sends a doctor and handles the situation. Fernan is completely fine post-intervention. But he suspects his phone was cloned by Rogelio, which turns out to be true as revealed in a flashback. It is clear that Rosa suspects Rogelio of being Marta’s father.

Rosa takes a sample of Rogelio’s DNA and gives it to Marta. To make the deal more lucrative for Duque, Mercedes pushes Sole to include Rogelio in the port deal so that she can take both of them down together. She agrees to talk to her father about it. Fernan thanks Rogelio in person for saving his life and lets him know that Fernan knows Rogelio cloned his phone. They shake hands on a future job that we know that the promises are hollow. 

Sole goes to the boxing club to talk to Fernan but he is angry as Sole went for the Paris job alone. Fernan says Rogelio saved his life and he owes both of them big time.

Sole confirms she will be needing a favour from him soon. Ferran tells the father-daughter duo about Mercedes’ deal with Duque. She has once again betrayed their trust, as Duque meets with Fernan and tells him to stop his undercover stint. But Fernan is desperate not to go back inside and stays on the mission.

In a battle of egos, Poli and Fernan get together and challenge each other’s skills. They go on an impromptu heist around the town and recklessly put their lives in danger. They narrowly escape the police but Sole is less than impressed with Fernan.

They have hate sex but end up declaring their love for each other. Fernan also promises to come with Sole to the port deal. The results of the tests are in and Rosa tells Marta that Rogelio is her father. This means that Sole is Marta’s sister.

Marta pays a visit to Sole but does not tell her about it. Rosa calls her and tells Sole instead. She is dumbstruck and flustered by this new revelation. Marta is greatly upset with her mother for lying to her all this time and decides to leave the house. Rosa picks her up and allows her to stay at her smaller apartment, but Marta is satisfied.

Rogelio tries to open Fernan’s phone’s copy, but he spots the secret app where he stores all the information about his cover. It actually is password protected and he cannot open that app, making him really suspicious of Fernan. 

Sole, Mercedes, and Fernan get ready to go to Lagos, Nigeria, to close the port deal. Rosa looks through Estrella’s online account once again and finds a video on it. The video reveals the terrible truth about what really happened to Estrella. It was Ferran, the Chief Of Police and Rogelio’s inside man, who killed Estrella. We see Ferran at the airport secretly handing over a gun to Sole.

The Episode Review

The French police did not care to cover the back gate when they know a robbery is going on. They send six men in three patrol cars, a task that was so impossible a few weeks ago was suddenly completed with a change in personnel.

When Sole knows the port deal is being concluded to set her up, even though she does not know how, why is she going through with it at all? Why risk everything to go to Paris and steal a vase to please the Chinese? Why did Rosa not see the video with Estrella before this when she opened her account?

Marta was fine for so long after learning about Rogelio but when she came home, “nothing could be repaired” with her mother. The questions about why something happens in Sky High are actually “sky high” now. The execution of the story has been very poor and meddled. It has sucked all the joy and thrill from the narrative, while also making the storytelling fragile

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