Sky High – Season 1 Episode 5 “Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest” Recap & Review

Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest

Sole sits behind Carmen on a bus in Lisbon as episode 5 of Sky High starts. She sets her up for a meeting with Mateo to discuss the problems the Colombians have with her gang members.

Sole pleads her ignorance of the actions of Poli, Motos, and Campi, while Mateo is not pleased with the move but respects Angel. Sole requests him to forget about the stolen merchandise and not reimburse him in memory of Angel. Before this, she strikes a secret deal with Carmen to sell the stolen merchandise and increase its value manifolds. Mateo does not know about this deal so in essence, Sole has struck two birds with one stone.

Mercedes waits outside the football stadium for Sole, while Rosa is at home with Marta. She engages in physical acts with her in a bid to keep Marta distracted as the rest of the group silently breaks in. They know where the safe is on the ground floor and begin their process. Unbeknownst to them, the pervert neighbour of the house takes out his binoculars and watches the two girls from his house. Sole leaves the package for Jorge, one of Carmen’s men and gives him the keys to the locker where she has kept it.

The neighbour’s eyes eventually go to the robbers and she calls the police. Duque is the first to respond and alerts Fernan about them. But he is very late to read the message. Mercedes has to take Sole next to hand over the money she has saved for Pablo to the trust. Inside the safe, they find a slew of thumb drives and many papers. They take some of the material to make it look like a robbery and Fernan alerts them to leave. The police arrive soon and the robbers try to leave. 

Quite heroically, the pervert neighbour takes out his hunting rifle and begins shooting at them. He shoots Gitano in the leg but Fernan is shot in the chest.

The former cannot move beyond the house’s compound but Fernan hops the fence. Rosa, who has escaped through the backdoor when Marta goes to the door, takes Fernan in her car and to a safe house. She alerts Sole, who parts company with Mercedes. The lawyer is worried about the robbery and heads home. The police waltz in and takes the thumb drives just as Ferran had planned. Mercedes is livid to see them missing, knowing she has lost her upper hand.

Tono is placed to stay with Fernan while he recovers. Sole’s doctor has sewn up the wound but has not been able to take out the bullet since it is too close to the spine. The doctor thinks the bullet would not harm Fernan too much. Marta meets with Rosa armed with the suspicion that it was she who deliberately let the robbers inside. Rosa tries to tell her the truth about Mercedes and her cousin, but Marta is not sure. 

Rosa also tells her about the paternity test papers found in the safe. They do not have a name but Rosa is sure who the father is. She sends the samples for confirmation and asks Marta to give a sample too. Mercedes knows Gitano very well and asks the name of the person behind this job. He does not give Sole up but Mercedes thinks it is Rogelio. Sole takes care of Fernan and the two reaffirm their passion for each other. 

Rogelio says they found a lot of stuff to implicate Mercedes but the outcome depends on which judge gets the case. He is worried that she will put two and two together and Sole’s life will be in danger. Rogelio says he will take care of the problem. Sole rethinks about the Paris robbery.

Mercedes meets with Duque and offers him a deal. He thinks the recordings are enough for the case but Mercedes has something else to give him. She tells Duque about the port deal happening in Africa and says she is ready to implicate Sole in it if Duque will let it go. He agrees to it, so Sole also asks Poli and the others to do the job in Paris and steal the vase.

The Episode Review

Any development in implicating any of the characters -whether it be Mercedes, Rogelio, or Sole – ends fruitlessly. It eventually leads to nothing and that is a huge disappointment. Why else would you watch the show if the robbery, planned so painstakingly with possible casualties, is negated “depending on the judge assigned?” That was a known fact in episode 3 when Rosa brought information about Mercedes to Sole.

Why then go ahead with it at all? Mercedes was able to get out of the predicament far too easily. Sole got out of trouble with the Colombians without breaking a sweat. Mateo’s good heart and memory of Angel were enough for him to forgive the loss of such important merchandise. Unbelievable.

The dynamic between Fernan and Sole has completely died down as well. They started off with great chemistry but now, whenever they are together, the exchanges are bitter and look falsified. Let’s just get it over with.

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