Sky High – Season 1 Episode 4 “Trojan Horse” Recap & Review

Trojan Horse

Rogelio is getting paranoid about cops infiltrating his ranks as episode 4 of Sky High begins. With so much distrust around, he does not want to take any chances and has apprehended a dubious man.

On further probing by Antonio, the man turns out to be just a nobody. The group, sans Motos, have a gala time in Paris. None of them, except Sole, know why they are there. Fernan and Sole continue their tactful relationship. Mercedes’ prediction about the Colombians wanting to take revenge comes true as a few of them nab Poli in the workman’s area and use a machine to cut off his ear. Before they can do more, the cops are alerted and they intervene.

Sole takes the men to Chateau De Vaux Le-Vicomte. She shows them around the museum where most of the artefacts on display were pillaged by the French from the East, especially China. The centre of attraction is a vase that the French stole from the Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860. That is what will get Sole out of trouble with the Chinese. The guys are informed that they have to steal it. But as they start chalking out a plan in the museum itself, they deem the task too difficult. Given the vast area outside the museum and the advanced alarm systems in place, even if they do their best, they will fall short by seconds.

Rosa and Marta continue their fledgling romance. Sole encourages the group to think positively. Just then, she notices a police patrol car pursuing them. But they did not do anything illegal? That is until Compi reveals that he stole a car/car alarm from before when Gitano and he were waiting outside. That is why the cops are on their tail. Sole speeds up trying to lose the cops and give the guys enough time to disperse. She stops abruptly near the river and abandons the car. They all separate in different directions. Fernan and Sole go together.

They sit for a while over the bridge where Fernan reprimands Sole for not telling him about the plan beforehand. She did the same thing before in episode 2 when they slept together. Sole gets upset and walks away, although agrees with Fernan’s input that the job is too risky. The group decides not to go ahead with the robbery and takes a plane back to Madrid. Rogelio meets with Mercedes to convince her to drop Sole as a client. He instead offers her an Albanian friend for whom she can make illegal investments.

Taking the job would mean more pay and a nice, quiet life in Marbella. But Mercedes is unwilling to commit. It is also implied that the two had a physical relationship before. Could it be possible that Rogelio is Marta’s father?

While at the house and opening up to Marta, Rosa looks around and finds the safe that could possibly have the recordings. Mercedes comes back home while they are together and Marta introduces them. Rosa leaves soon thereafter and Mercedes gets her guard up. Rosa reveals her learnings to Sole. Rogelio meets with Tono at his club.

Rogelio doubts Fernan and thinks he might be the mole. Tono tells him about Fernan and Sole’s romance and tells him that Fernan was in jail with Motos. Rogelio instructs Tono to keep an eye out for Fernan and what he does. Motos is attacked at his trailer once again by the Colombians, who are coordinating with Rogelio’s men, but he is able to escape. He goes to Sole’s house, who promises to help him out. She truly has become the matriarch of the group.

Mercedes visits Poli in jail and tells him about the developments. She demands to know the truth about what Poli would be doing with the stash of drugs after. He tells her about the crew in Marseilles. She asks Poli to send the Colombians a message and set up a meeting between Sole and them to sort out the mess.

Duque and Fernan meet in the car, where the former says Fernan must stay on track and keep Sole close. Mercedes spots Rosa at the Decimas and gets suspicious.

She calls Jose, an old friend, who owns the delivery service Rosa works for and asks for information. She thinks Rosa is tailing both Sole and her, not knowing that Sole and Rosa are concocting against Mercedes. Sole says it cannot be done but Mercedes thinks it won’t be enough for the Chinese.

They will have to figure out something else. Sole tells Ferran that the recordings are at the house. Her plan is to create a robbery scene for the police to walk in and take the thumb drives as evidence in the investigation. Mercedes asks Marta to stop seeing Rosa, while Sole gathers the troupe once again to plan the robbery at Mercedes’ house.

The Episode Review

A lot of deals happening behind people’s backs is never a good look for the viewer, especially if it is this mismanaged. For most parts of episode 4, the plot seems disconnected from reality. It is almost as if all the things are happening in the heads of the characters. Don’t they talk to each other at all? Are the exchanges between characters existing in a different space altogether?

Sky High is failing big time to be convincing for those who have not watched the prequel movie. By their characterization of the story, the makers have pushed away first-time viewers. The vacuums in storytelling are quite annoying that do not let the viewer follow the story easily. None of it is making sense as of now and episode 4 has unfortunately not made the plot any better.

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