Sky High – Season 1 Episode 3 “Settling Old Scores” Recap & Review

Settling Old Scores

Sole meets with Mr Zuo, the head of the Chinese faction in Madrid, as episode 3 of Sky High begins. He appreciates her forthcoming attitude and says it is high time they tipped the scales of power. But there is a surprise for Sole as Zou mentions that the Chinese never got the money.

When Sole mentions “that girl” (meaning Estrella), the translator says the Chinese did not kill her. And if that is the case, they did not get the money either. Rosa started following Mercedes after Sole told Rosa about her in the last episode. She goes to the court and then to a restaurant where she meets a court clerk.

Mercedes gives him a red envelope and records the entire conversation. Sole thinks this is how she is protecting the ventures she represents in courts – by bribing the clerks. She thinks Mercedes must be keeping the recordings as insurance either in her house or her office.

It turns out that Ferran, Duque’s boss, is actually friends with Rogelio and Sole. When the latter tells Ferran about the recordings, he says since they do not have any proof, the police cannot act on this intel. It is unactionable even more so as the judges will not prosecute a practising lawyer.

They protect their own and the case will fall through. He says Sole should let Rogelio and Ferran take control of the situation and stay out of it. Gitano owns the boxing club and gym where we saw Fernan meet with Sole in. Poli, one of the former members of the gang, has escaped prison and come to Gitano for a place to stay. He skeptically allows Poli to stay in the gym for the time being while Sole asks Mercedes to take care of this issue as she feels Poli will ruin her operations.

Rosa delivers food to Mercedes’ house and meets with Marta, her teenage daughter. The two immediately strike up a connection, indicating they are attracted to each other. Mercedes talks with Poli but he is not ready to go back. She explains if he is caught, he will have more years added to the sentence, which is just four months presently. She drops him off to Tono’s house, who refuses to participate in an upcoming drug heist Poli suggests.

A truck from Valencia is coming late at night the next Friday. It belongs to the Colombians and there will be enough coke for them to sell after Poli comes back. Next, he phones Motos who instantly agrees. Fernan refuses but Compi is included in the plan. The trio pose as police officers to stop the truck.

The driver is initially fooled but then gets a hint and tries to run off. They stop him from using force and stealing drugs. Just when they thought they had succeeded, real police cars give chase. To make sure the drugs are not caught and Motos escapes, Poli uses his car (with Compi) to stop the police and they are arrested.

Fernan deals with the situation for Sole. Motos is called by Rogelio through Antonio’s, his aide, phone. He agrees Sole is not “grown-up” enough to deal with his problem. Rogelio says he can do whatever he can to help Motos but he has to stay underground for a while. Motos agrees. Marta meets up with Rosa in the club and the two get physical. Poli is back in jail and Mercedes tries to warn him that the Colombians want retribution.

She has insider knowledge as we saw her with Carmen “La Rubina”, the head for the Colombians’ distribution network in the last episode. Poli refuses to enlist Mercedes as his lawyer as he cannot take any more debts.

Motos goes to the mall and Antonio calls him but before he can tell him anything, he notices Rogelio’s men have tracked him down and give chase. It is unclear why they did so but it seems like Rogelio double-crossed him since he knows Sole isn’t involved here. Motos steals a car parked in the mall as part of a giveaway contest and escapes successfully.

Mercedes says the Chinese want more compensation but in a different form. They have a task to be completed in Paris, after which they can consider Sole’s debt repaid. Ferran informs Rogelio of what Sole said and also that they have a mole in the group. He does not know who yet but will soon enough. Duque warns Fernan to stay alert and deliver Rogelio to him.

Fernan feels that after Sole is done with marking her territory, she will go back to Rogelio and he will get him then. The group takes a trip to Paris to complete the job and Fernan looks at his closeness with Sole and Pablo to have a moral conflict about his actions.

The Episode Review

We might finally have a legitimate big-scale heist in the show in the next episode. The stint in Paris seems to be important to repair the relationship with the Chinese for Sole. She surprisingly discovered that someone else was behind Estrella’s murder. Ferran turned out to be on Rogelio’s payroll. I mean, how else would one expect him to walk freely on the streets?

That dynamic is well balanced as Ferran does not know about Duque’s man inside; Fernan. Poli came like bad news for the group and his failed debacle has made matters tough for Sole and her smash-and-grab tribe. It may still be early days in that tangent of the story but expect this to become a problem later.

Rosa will infiltrate by getting close to Marta. But Mercedes is a smart operator and it will be a good battle of wits vs. emotions. What happens to Motos also remains interesting. Sole will definitely vouch to protect him given her philosophy and she will eventually come face to face with Rogelio.

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