Sky High – Season 1 Episode 2 “New Friendships, Old Enemies” Recap & Review

New Friendships, Old Enemies

The police stop Fernan and Motos to inspect as episode 2 of Sky High begins. They check the papers but to ensure the pair’s safety, they volunteer to escort them to the construction site.

Sole sends Gitano to create a distraction so that the officers leave Motos and Fernan. Gitano triggers an alarm for another store and the ploy works. The group uses the bulldozer to fell a wall of an office under construction; the same blueprints that Sole procured in the last episode. And then, they rob another safe from the office. This time, the execution is much smoother and planned. They ditch the bulldozer and escape in the truck.

They bring it to Sole and when they open the box, they find German bonds that she will ask Mercedes to sell on the market. Sole is disappointed to get a smaller-than-expected share from the sale but Mercedes says the commissions ate into their share. Sole wants to immediately pay the guys their cut so that they trust her and be more committed to the operation.

We learn that Rosa lives with her mother and Estrella’s mother, Bernarda, also died. Rosa vows never to get involved with Angel or his colleagues again.

Pablo concedes to her mother that he does not like to visit the cemetery. When they leave, we see Rosa and her mother pass them by but they do not notice each other. Fernan asks for a favour from Sole. He wants Rogelio’s contacts to make an export job happen. Sole agrees to do it. This time, the job is to steal the luxury cars that customers bring to a car wash, replace the number plates, and attack fake registration papers to them to sell as brand new. The job is a huge success and Sole arranges the papers as well.

She volunteers to drop Fernan to his car when he asks her on a date. Instead, they decide to skip the dinner part and go straight into the part after that. They have sex and Sole concedes to Fernan after that she arranged the papers on her own. Rogelio’s friend in Morocco flirted with her when she went with Rogelio to visit him. She talked to him directly and arranged the papers. Fernan warns her never to keep surprises like this for him and involve him in all details beforehand.

Sole goes to her parents’ house the next morning to pick up Pablo. Rogelio says he will never return to poverty and that everyone around them wants to see their wealth go away. They are outsiders and must look out for each other to survive.

While picking up Pablo, Sole notices Rosa and suspects she is being followed. She asks Fernan to follow Rosa and he finds out who she is and where she lives. As a result, Sole then goes to meet Rosa personally.

Rosa is not ready to listen to Sole’s explanation for Estrella’s death. She has rage inside her but wants to learn the truth about what happened. Sole feels guilty for her death. If she had not made the call, the Chinese would never know Estrella was going to pick up the money and she would still be alive.

Rogelio reprimands Sole for the car export job and says her lousiness will land her in jail. Sole says she has a great help in the form of Mercedes and she will protect Sole when everything hits the fan. To explain his point, he plays an audio clip. Mercedes knew the police were listening to her calls and still gave away the group to preserve herself. She wanted to get even with Angel for using her as bait and then used the Chinese to get Angel arrested. Sole is shocked.

Sole takes the recording to Rosa to come clean about the whole thing. She appreciates Sole’s straightforwardness. Sole explains she wanted Estrella to have the money when she realized Estrella and Angel had “something” (a connection) that Sole and Angel never could.

Even despite knowing Angel was cheating on her, Sole wanted him and Estrella to get away with the money and told her the location. Mercedes shows Sole a new firm headed by Alvaro that will not just clean their dirty money but will also make significant investments.

The Chinese are the majority investors, and we also see Carmen “La Rubia”, who confirms the Colombians’ drug distribution network. Sole too will invest her money in this firm. Sole wants revenge and excuses herself to call Rogelio. She says she wants to talk to his friends and he agrees.

Alvaro and Mercedes inform her that the Chinese vetoed her participation and since they are majority investors, their decision will sustain. Sole is pissed and vows to declare war on the Chinese if that is what they want. Mercedes tries to dissuade her but it’s no good, Sole goes ahead with her plan.

Sole takes her group and goes armed into a store owned by the Chinese. She breaks into the back room where some high-level members of the Chinese mafia organization are playing. She takes off her mask and says she wants to talk with the Chinese and that they must do business at the same table as her. She will not accept a secondary role.

The Episode Review

Sole sent a strong message to the Chinese at the end of this episode. It really is a bold move considering her relative position in the business trade. This episode saw the full-fledged introduction of Rosa into the story.

The other story buildup seemed very poor and impactful, though. The background to Estrella felt really weak. We have heard so much about Angel but are yet to see a single flashback featuring him.

He was at the centre of everyone’s lives but not at the centre of the show’s (sic) narrative. It is annoying that Sky High has brushed past those important details.

The robbery at the start of the episode was again disappointing, while there’s hardly any time spent on creating any sort of tension and it all unravels too unrealistically to be intriguing. Episode 2 is a disappointment, to say the least.

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