Skull Island – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

You’ll Never Catch A Monkey That Way

In Skull Island episode 8, Charlie’s suggestion that they draw in Kong to aid them in taking down the Sea Monster is rejected by the group. Using a piece of jewelry he’s crazy about, Charlie intends to lure the ape. He wants Mike, his best friend, to live, so he is in a desperate state. Charlie is prepared to put his life in danger in order to save Mike, whose condition is rapidly getting worse.

Dog is going to accompany Annie as she chooses to go on the mission with Charlie. The three visit Kong’s safe haven where they are overshadowed by the enormous Kong. By stealing his favorite piece of jewelry, they escape with Dog, tempting Kong to pursue them. Kong is taken to a location close to the sea, so Charlie’s plan appears to have worked. But the rest of the group observe that Charlie is no longer with Annie and Dog.

Kong is stopped when Annie interrupts and holds the piece of jewelry in front of him. She flings the piece of jewelry to the ground and the Sea Beast suddenly attacks Kong. He is effortlessly thrown by the Sea Monster.

In the meantime, Cap battles a creature while searching for Charlie inside the forest. Before passing out, Mike assists him in defeating it. Charlie, on the other hand, is stranded in the wilderness and is hanging from the branch of a tree. He is surrounded by people from the tribes who warn him that he will pay the price because he upset Kong.

Along with the Sea Monster, Kong dives to the bottom of the ocean. Thereafter, he comes across a shipwreck and using it to hit the Sea Monster, he swims off. Dog finds it difficult to stay afloat in the water and a distraught Annie attempts to motivate him. However, Dog has trouble swimming and drowns. Kong does, however, help Dog.

The Sea Monster surfaces once more, but Kong is ready this time around and uses its overwhelming force to eliminate it. Thereafter, the island gets flooded, wiping out Annie as well as Dog as a huge wave strikes it.

Annie awakens in a hospital and panics when the episode comes to a close. She despises being inside the room, despite Irene’s best efforts to soothe her. Irene discloses that she has been unconscious for the past two weeks. When Annie opens the window of her hospital room, the view of a city can be seen outside.

The Episode Review

The squid beast that has been terrorizing the primary characters since the beginning of the animated series has been revealed following seven episodes of tease. According to Charlie’s theories and those of the others, it becomes apparent that the new Titan had hoped to defeat Kong and take over the position of new alpha within Skull Island. The Sea Beast is a terrifying foe for Kong because of its electrical and poisonous capabilities.

Netflix’s MonsterVerse animated series’ happenings culminate in a chaotic fight between Kong and the unknown Titan on Skull Island. We have more questions instead of answers after watching this final episode. It appears as though the show’s creators plan to finish this story with additional seasons.

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